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Law Discussion Questions (No APA format-No Min Word Count)

1. Many states have laws in place that require individual action to limit exposure to harm.  Automobile owners are required to carry insurance on their vehicles.  Drivers and passengers are often required to wear seatbelts.  Couples preparing to be wed are required to submit to a health screening.  There are other examples that I'm sure our classmates can share.  Now, should laws be enacted that require individuals to have computer security software or hardware?  If so, what would the punishment be if a person does not have cyber protection and becomes a cybercrime victim?

2. Some people choose not to participate in marginal or questionable behavior because they are afraid of what their friends are neighbors may think. What happens, though, if no one can "see" what they are doing?   Some people who would never think about stealing a movie from Wal-mart will not hesitate to download a bootlegged movie from the Internet.  Some folks who would be mortified to purchase pornographic material in a seedy part of town will not  think twice about clicking on a web link in search of illegal images.Is there a way to restore the feeling of "someone may see me if I do it" to the Internet?  Is Internet activity truly private?

Accounting- this is in response to he accounting question you answered for me the other day

3. You are right about greed (a manifestation of "opportunity"?) leading to ethical violations.  I think we can all agree that if money is actually taken this is both an ethical violation and a violation of the law.

I think you alluded to this but maybe be more specific -- are there accounting procedures, entries, reports that an accountant might "adjust" or misrepresent in some way so that, even though no real money was taken, outside interested parties would get a better picture of the health of the organization than is really true? 

Google something like "accounting scandals" and maybe report what was done in one of the examples.

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