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Graded LP9 Assignment: Dealing with Conflict Thoroughly read the scenario “New Hire in an Old Culture” in your text. [It is the first scenario in the “Modeling Exercise” section.] After you have studied this scenario, describe how you would act if you were in Lee Lattoni’s place. Describe in detail how you would: 1. Deal directly with the conflict 2. Ascertain the source of the conflict 3. Empathize with the conflicting party 4. Use an appropriate conflict-handling style 5. Select the most appropriate conflict-resolution option Submit this assignment to your instructor via the dropbox “LP9 Assignment: Dealing with Conflict.” This assignment is worth 75 points and will be graded according to the following scoring guide. Points/Grading Criteria [75 points possible] POINTS CRITERIA 15 - 0 The student’s response shows a direct approach in dealing with the conflict. 15 - 0 The student’s response includes an accurate and certain description of the source of the conflict. 15 - 0 The student’s response reflects empathy toward the parties involved with the conflict. 15 - 0 The student’s response describes an appropriate conflict-handling style. 15 - 0 The student’s response reflects thoughtful consideration and includes an appropriate conflict-handling style for this scenario.

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