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Find a website has educational information pertaining to any aspect of normal and abnormal human development.

It should academic information - not just a public interest article.

To earn full points, answer the following questions. You may answer the questions directly into the Submission Box of this assignment or attach a document to this assignment.

1. What information was listed on the site?

2. What made you interested in that topic?

3. How does that website relate to the material in the textbook?

Be sure to include the actual link to the site you reviewed

(This should be a summary that is 1-2 pages in length (Arial or Times New Roman font, 12 pt., 1" margins, double spaced). I should be able to know what this site said without having to review it myself.)

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Abnormal Human Development

What information was listed on the site\article?
The Capgras Syndrome
The articles include definitions, explanations and general information about the Capgras
Syndrome. The Capgras Syndrome was names after Joseph Capgras, who was a French
psychiatrist that first described the syndrome as a delusion or belief in which the person thinks a
familiar person or place has been replaced with an exact duplicate, meaning that the person
standing in front (or place being visited) has ...

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