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Recall from the video, “Secrets at Apple’s Core,”


that Jobs’ approach product development is summed up in his question: “How can the customers tell you what to do when they don’t know what is possible?”

A different point of view is expressed in the article, “Market Driven Innovation.” To read this article, follow the link below:


Here are the questions you will address in your essays:

(1) In what ways are these two approaches different?

(2) Is one superior to the other? Why?

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Running head: APPLE COMPANY


About Apple and Market Driven Innovation
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About Apple and Market Driven Innovation
The Apple Company remains to be a multinational technology enterprise, which
headquarter is in California. The organization is known for selling electronics and computer
services. Some of the major products that are produced by the Apple Company include iPhone,
iPad, Mac personal computer, media player and Apple Smart Watch. Besides, the company is
acknowledged for being the largest information technology company by revenue across the
globe. Therefore, the company act as a solution for the customers for the innovative products and
services produced in the market.
The Apple Company has remained competitive in the marketplaces due to its innovative
ideas, which have been able to realize the needs and demands of the customers. Therefore, the
two elements that have...

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