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Two Discussions and Peer responses:

Week 10 Discussion

Using the strategies you practiced for Week 9 Assignment - Data Analysis and Visualization, find and share a link to an online research article whose study uses a p-value. First, identify the purpose of the article and what problem it is addressing/trying to solve.

Then, explain what the p-value indicates in the context of the article.

Be sure to respond to at least one of your classmates’ posts.

Hint: You can find research articles (studies) with a P-value in the Strayer Library as it is often presented as (p< 0.001).

For assistance with P-values, please refer to the P-value document.

Week 11 Discussion

Time to Celebrate! (Note: Please respond to all three of the following bulleted items.)

  • Share your greatest or most rewarding achievement during this course.
  • Discuss the ways in which you anticipate using what you’ve learned in this course in the future.
  • What is the best advice you could give students taking MAT210 next term?

Be sure to respond to at least one of your classmates’ posts.

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RESPOND TO OF THE FOLLOWING: Discussion 1 Peer: Kendrea Richson RE: Week 10 Discussion Hello professor I think that p values is a great method to use. Basically the p value means the probability that a particular statistical measure such as the mean or standard deviation of an assumed probability distribution will be greater than or equal to observe results. So for an example, if I am guessing on how many lady workers worked at a warehouse then the men. I give my guess on how many women work and men work there, after doing the proper statistical hypothesis a smaller p value means that there is a larger evidence and the favor of the alternative hypothesis that I am trying to come into conclusion with on seeing how many women versus men that works at the warehouse total. What it basically is telling you is you are assuming that the no hypothesis is correct about the number amount of female working than the men then a smaller p value means that there is a stronger evidence in the favor of the alternative hypothesis is true or false. Discussion 2 Peer: Lashelle Aughburns RE: Week 11 Discussion Hello, I think my most rewarding moment is when the light bulb came on about p-values. I had a lot of great moments and I look at the statistics in sports differently now because I understand how these statistics describe how they are performing. I am really paying attentin to the statistics that I come in contact with and how they can influence thought. I would tell future students to not get discouraged when it seems a little difficult to understand. The light bulb will come on if you keep pushing through. Read and participate in the discussions and make sure you do your extra credit problems everyday.
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The purpose of the study was to analyze the viewpoints and relative weight of
technology-oriented members towards technological, social, economic, and economic aspects of
health technology assessments. The core objective of the study was to provide relevant
information on possible alternative treatment methods to decision and policymakers, hospitals
and insurers, healthcare practitioners, and patients
The article addresses the need for efficient application of technologies in healthcare
settings, especially the hospitalization institutions, which have an increased number of promising
technologies upcoming and limited resources. Healthcare executives face the challenge of fully
implementing new technologies due to the limited resources in hospitals and the need to ensure a
risk-benefit balance in hospitals. This is why the study aims to analyze the vie...

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