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For this week’s project you will brainstorm, research and outline the following: 

  •  (My industry of choice is Artist Management, Managing artist.)

  • Write a paper about being an Artist Manager, Managing Artists. 

     Include topics such as three trends that could shape your industry of choice, three current companies in your Mastery field, three current leaders in your Mastery field, three technical requirements for your field, and three possible paths of training/ education to gain entrance into your industry. (My industry of choice is Artist Management, Managing artist.)

  •  Check out the website

    Review career resources in my Industry of Artist Management by using the  website and share three key insights about positions in my field of Artist Management.

  • Use your networking skills to identify three possible mentors and three possible internships/apprenticeships with name and contact information of hiring manager (identified via LexisNexis Academic, LinkedIn or other source).

  • Evaluate the Full Sail online course catalog and reflect upon how each course in your degree program will tangibly enhance your Mastery Journey. Outline a personal SWOT analysis of your current readiness in your chosen field and provide at least 3 areas of focus and ways to develop each of those areas of the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats).(I will send you over the full sail catalog)

     Use at least three research resources (with at least two of the sources sourced through the Full Sail University library research databases such as EBSCOhost and LexisNexis Academic)

    Deliverable Due

  • Complete a Word Document that is 3 - 5 pages maximum

  • Assignment should be free of grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.

  • Cite all research sources in text and on reference page.

I am taking the Business Entertainment degree plan at Full Sail and am interested in becoming an artist manger for musicians, hope this helps.

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