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Assignment: compose a research paper answering that question: o How does one’s location determines their identity? o What is the role of fictional storytelling in identity? Assignment Guidelines: This is your final essay. It is an examination of your ability to use the lessons of the course. As such, there will be no feedback provided. Topic Selection • If it answers the question, it’s your topic. We’ve been at this for months. Do the thing. Formatting • 3-4 full pages (the length will be strictly enforced). • Typed in size twelve Times New Roman font and double spaced. • Have an appropriate and creative title (not the assignment title). • You must have a heading, single spaced in the top left of your paper. The first line will contain your name and the second your course number and section. • Follow proper MLA citation format (consult the Purdue OWL and QCC LibGuide for specific formatting guidelines) and employ both in-text citations and a Works Cited page (which does not count toward the page length). Research • Use (4) total sources: 1. At least (1) peer-reviewed sources o After you search, select “Peer Reviewed” in the “Refine Results” navigation bar on the left 2. At least (2) reliable, written source. (This can be from the library database.) 3. At least (1) of the novels we read this semester. Style • • • • Follow proper essay format and employ formal, college-level, standard written English. Quote from at least one source in each body paragraph. This is an analysis, not a summary. Make your argument by working with your sources. Writing this essay—all writing, really—goes better if you deeply focus on a few, powerful moments in your sources instead of briefly touching on many things. Dig deep into the specifics. Your assignment must accomplish each of these things; it may help to consider this a checklist. Your grade will be determined based on the inclusion and quality of these details.
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Fiction and Identity
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Storytelling has been an indispensable piece of communication and correspondence
between individuals (De La Cruz 1). It is a method for connecting with everyone through
thoughts, considerations, and dreams. Stories started as an oral practice, adjoining ethics with
amusement. As human innovation increased and writing invention developed, storytelling
progressed. The oral narratives changed into written text, which became the focal point of
storytelling. Screenplays and books are the bedrock of modern stories ant films are the
entertainment hubs (De La Cruz 1). Fictional stories can profoundly impact the individuals who
listen, view or read them. A collection of investigations has discovered that stories can change
individuals' personalities and identities (Brokerhof et al. 2).
It's difficult to overlook the job that both science and Science Fiction play inside story
plotlines when we consider the technological advancements that have taken place in recent years.
Science Fiction is a significant part of storytelling because it has upgraded storytelling's ethical
education and entertainment features by addressing innovative ideas and giving extra-human
behavior insights. Fictional storytellers fill their narratives with scientific concepts beyond
human comprehension to look for answers exploring human behaviors (De La Cruz 1).
Fictional storytelling may influence human identity in three major ways (Brokerhof et al. 1).

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