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With 200-300 words, answer the following questions. Support all your response with references.

1-1. Summarize the key concepts and steps that are associated with the creation and management of strategic plans in health delivery systems. What are the differences between the strategic initiatives and operating activities of a health care organization?

1-2. What are the differences between "incremental" and "revolutionary" strategies, as well as "intended" and "actual" strategies? Do you think one is more valuable than the other? If so, why? Have you considered what the barriers to strategic planning are? What might those challenges be in your sphere? How can an organization overcome barriers to strategic planning?

2-1. Are you able to see if an organization lacks "strategic direction"? Provide your rationale or an example. Does the visibility matter if you are within the organization or merely a consumer/customer?

2-2. What are the criteria that, if satisfied, make an objective useful in the strategic planning process?

3-1. Analysis of historical financial performance and current financial conditions inform operations and future strategies. What factors and financial documents would you review in order to perform a financial performance analysis? How do they inform you?

3-2. How are resources and competencies related? How do resources and competencies impact strategic planning? Provide in-text citation from your textbook.

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470 Book and Additional Web Resources Moseley III, G. B. (2017). Managing Health Care Business Strategy. Jones & Bartlett Learning. Care+Business+Strategy&ots=eIWsNzY2vB&sig=IMvVTZ2n3aLw1vXn3iGGPE6szY#v=onepage&q=Managing%20Health%20Care%20Business%20Strategy&f=false Discussion 1. - Chapter 1 on Managing Health Care Business Strategy - Overview of the Strategic Planning Process Watch "Overview of the Strategic Planning Process," by Virtual Strategist, available on YouTube. Discussion 2. - Chapter 6 on Managing Health Care Business Strategy - Strategic and Operational Planning Read "Strategic and Operational Planning," located on the Taugher Change Catalyst Consulting website. Discussion 3. - Chapter 2 on Managing Health Care Business Strategy - Beginners' Guide to Financial Statements: Read "Beginners' Guide to Financial Statements," located on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission website. - Your Hospital's Financial Statements: How Management Keeps Score: Read "Your Hospital's Financial Statements: How Management Keeps Score," from Medical Staff Leader Insider (2011), located on the HC Pro website. - Financial Reporting for Healthcare: An Enterprise BI and Reporting Platform for Finance: Read "Financial Reporting for Healthcare: An Enterprise BI and Reporting Platform for Finance," located on the Information Builders website. - 2015–2016 Baldrige Excellence Framework (Health Care): Read "2015–2016 Baldrige Excellence Framework (Health Care)," located on the National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST) Baldrige Homepage website. 470 Book and Additional Web Resources - American Nurses Credentialing Center: Explore the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Magnet Recognition program website for information about annual reports of for-profit and not-forprofit health care organizations helpful in conducting an internal audit of health care organizations. - National Committee for Quality Assurance: Explore the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) website for information about annual reports of for-profit and not-for-profit health care organizations helpful in conducting an internal audit of health care organizations.
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Strategic Planning
The key concepts and steps associated with the creation and management of strategic plans
in health delivery systems
The health sector requires expert knowledge to deal with issues that relate to technology
and the emerging symptoms of diseases that have not been discovered. A better utilization of the
available resources will ensure that the required outcome has been achieved under the currently
set strategic plans (Weaver, Charlotte, Marion, George, and Joan). The concepts of strategic
planning include mission, vision, objectives, goals, financial, customers, and expenses
management. The difference between strategic planning and the operational activities is that
planning is the preparation of the future whereas the operational activities are the current events
taking place in an organization or industry. The planning process is the putting in place of the
requirements for the future situation hence operating activities take use of the set plan and
equipment that is readily available. Am management strategy must use a SWOT analysis that
defines the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the business entity. However,
every party of the analysis plays a major role in the determination and completion of the set
targets. The operating activities make use of the strategies laid down by the management.

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The differences between "incremental" and "revolutionary" strategies and "intended" and
"actual" strategies
Under the incremental strategies, the planning process is done under the inclusion of the
public where the set goals, strategies and objectives are made to the current operations and other
activities. The changes are done to the current system aiming to bring positive change and better
the performance of the staff. Revolution is the constitution of change based on the fundamentals
of the process in use (Moseley). The intended strategies are those that the management expects to
occur wholly the actual strategies are those in use and the management sees their results. All the
strategies listed do not apply the same to an organization. Some of the strategies are more
valuable than others. For example, the incremental and actual strategies are more valuable
because they are applied to the existing strategies hence make the system improve. The strategies
deemed to be used in the future have less significance to the existing strategies because they are
How to see whether an organization lacks strategic direction
It is possible to feel whether an organization lacks strategic direction. When the decisions
made are not inclusive of the management, and the staff has different opinions, the result will
lead to the wrong direction. However, the lack of strategic direction can be felt through poor
results and substandard products produced. The cooperation of the organizational employees
leads to a well-structured system. For example, when the department leaders delegate duties but
the top management is not aware of the delegation of such duties, conflict arises that can lead to
dismissal of reliable employees or the attitude of the staff changes (Rutherford). When the
working spirit of employees is triggered, the concentration level of the staff in the workplace gets

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compromised. Lack of visibility has a great impact on both the people in within and without the
organization. The reputation of the staff gets ruined, and the confidence of the customers get
compromised by the strategy used in the conduct of the activities of the organization. When the
customers lose confidence in their suppliers of other trusted people who help in doing business,
the idea of sourcing other agents or potential people in the market who can offer the same
services and products is created in their minds.
Criteria that make objectives useful in the planning process
The best ways of ensuring that strategies set are achieved is through the proper use of
time, conducting a well-designed research on the plan, assessing many options that can offer
alternative strategies in case the proposed strategies fail, outlining the strategic implementation
plan, and conducting an ongoing review and assessment of the strategy. Time is a major factor in
production and managing time can lead to meeting deadlines and delivering services and goods
to customers on time. The assessment of the strategies in an ongoing process is an analysis tool
that keeps the strategy on toes and ensures that the changes in the market are incorporated in the
strategy (Mavris). As much as a strategy can be good, an outline of the implementation serves as
a guideline towards achieving the goals.
Historical financial performance and current financial conditions Analysis
Organizations prepare books of account that record the business transactions. The records
are kept in financial statements that are a statement of comprehensive incomes, statement of cash
flows, and balance sheet. Having an investment in the stock market can yield very high returns,
but not many people venture into this kind of investment. Some of the reasons include fear,
financial constraints, prediction market challenges, and extended period taken to earn the profits.

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The financial statements that can be reviewed during the historical financial performance review
include the statement of comprehensive income, the statement of financial position, and the
statement of cash flows (Bătrâncea, Ioan, Larissa-Margareta, Andrei, and ...

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