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1. In your own words explain, are entrepreneurs born or made?

2. In your own words, what is a venture capitalist?

3.In your own words, explain three of the nine building blocks for managers to use in developing an innovative and effective business model.

4. What is a competitive advantage? How does marketing contribute to the creation of a competitive advantage

5. What is market segmentation? List the steps in the market segmentation process.

6. Discuss several reasons why marketers continue to have a difficult time understanding, predicting, and explaining consumer behavior.

7. In your own words, what are the characteristics of the four types of business legal entities?

8. How does the cultural environment affect international marketing activities?

9. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of a flat versus tall organizational structure.

10. Explain the concept of employees as stakeholders in your own words

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1. In your own words explain, are entrepreneurs born or made?
Entrepreneurs are either born or made. Some people are born with some traits that make them
better entrepreneurs. Some of this traits include high creativity and passion, problem-solving
skills, ambition, vision and self-discipline among other characters. However, an entrepreneur can
be highly creative, have great vision and great passion, failure to have any education experience
might lead the entrepreneur to make mistakes that are fatal to the business. Entrepreneurs need
educational training to improve their communication skills among other qualitative skills. The
majority of the entrepreneurs tend to gain work experiences through the experiences that they
gain as they transition from working from one person to another and gain experience of work.
Through their exposure to different individuals in the conduct of their business, they can
establish networks within the business environment.
2. In your own words, what is a venture capitalist?
A venture capitalist is an investor who can provide any the necessary resources that are required
to start the new business, troubled or any growing business. Venture capitalist does not
necessarily have to be...

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