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Recently, Shiv Corp, a solar panel manufacturing business, put out a bid for database system due to their rapid growth. Congratulations! Your company was chosen from many to develop and implement a proposal for implementation of SQL Server.

Shiv Corp uses MySQL for their order placement system. There are various problems with the current implementation of MySQL including, but not limited to, availability, redundancy, security, and performance monitoring. Plus, the chief information officer (CIO) of Shiv Corp is concerned that there is no professional support because it based on open standards. The CIO is asking that you develop a proposal to move to a SQL Server from MySQL, keeping the cost minimal.

Your proposal should include the following criteria and the reasoning behind your choices:

  • The version of SQL Server
  • The architecture of the file system of the SQL Server
  • Database and data security plan
  • Database optimization plan
  • Backup and recovery plan
  • Proactive monitoring plan


Your APA-formatted proposal should be at least 10-12 pages in length, not including the title and reference page(s). Follow the appropriate CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APAfor this assignment.

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SQL Server Proposal


SQL Server Proposal
SQL (Structured Query Language) server is used by many organizations and business
entities for the purpose of internal communication and record keeping. The American National
Standards institute notes that Structured Query Language is the relational database management
system; being software for data storage and retrieval for other interrelated systems. SQL Server
was first released by Microsoft Corporation in 1989; programmed in C and C++ language with

the capacity of operating on windows, Linux and server operating systems (Lextrait, 2010). Due
to worldwide demand of this software, it is available in English, Chinese, Italian, Korean,
Japanese and German among many more languages spoken in the world. This is proprietary
software for both small and large scale computer users on the face of the planet; justified by the
fact of it being more secure, easily prone to malicious attacks, improved performance and ability
to be easily monitored. Currently, Microsoft has various designs of mainstream editions of SQL
servers. They range from enterprise, standard, workgroup, business intelligence, web, specialized
editions such as Azure; and express. This essay is a proposal for migration from MySQL to SQL
servers for solar panel manufacturing Shiv Corp.
Version of the Server
Currently, the following are available server versions of SQL relational database
management systems; the sole products of Microsoft Corporation: SQL Server 2012, 2014, 2008,
2016 and 2008 R2. With the nature of the business operations within Shiv Corp, embracing use
of the latest version (Server 2016 that is supported on x64 bit only only) will serve the right
purpose of enhancing security, ease of monitoring business transactions and will eliminate


redundancy that has been caused by MySQL database information system. This version has
special and unique features that promote increased work performance within organizations
(Lextrait, 2010). Below are such outstanding indomitable features of this form of relational
database information management system.
Element of Encryption
This is essential feature of SQL Server 2016, which ensures that data being processed is
secure. The unique use of mixed characters and letters limits chances of cyber security issues

which are caused by people with sinister motives (Enrico, 2015). Both encryption and decryption
happens within SQL Server 2016 version. Decryption helps end users of information within the
organization have any element of interpreting what processed data imply in relation to their
business needs. It is very economical and in terms of user friendly in reporting and sending data
to specified destinations under SQL Server 2016.
Other Features
Other juicy features of this SQL Server 2016 are Java Script Object Support hence
enhanced ability of exporting data into tables within the database, row-level security (RLS). This
feature has a candid aspect within the multitenant environment where insecurity issues are likely
to happen; unlike other versions which had limited security features (Enrico, 2015). The version
has also improved memory status hence promotes an element of increased rate of data
processing. The feature is able to support foreign keys and check any form of disorderly flows
that are likely to happen. Evidently, SQL Server 2016 has stretch database features, increased
rate of data processing and advanced data tools within the architecture. These are some of the


advantages that make it the best version of SQL Server to be used by Shiv Corp solar
Manufacturing Corporation.
Architecture of File System
The external interface of SQL Server 2016 is executed by a special protocol layer format
called Tabular Data Stream (TDS). TDS makes is possible for data and information to be
transferred from the server and client; and from the client to the server (Enrico, 2015). All
elements of security, user friendliness, ease of monitoring and reduced redundancy are
incorporated within the architecture of the server. The query abilities of the server has the
capacity of troubleshooting performance by getting information relating to input/output devices,
the time taken for a task to be executed with other specified needs and actual state of the central
processing unit( CPU). All of these architectural features are made possible by the query
The query store architecture of SQL Server 2016 should consist of both runtime stats

store and plan tore; being stored in memory objects which store particular information relating to
specific query. The information being stored in written form is later on backed to the secondary
storage medium (hard disk) for purposes of future reference (Enrico, 2015). This is substantiated
by the fact that indeed even if the server restarts or power technicalities occur, information is
permanently never lost. Both execution plan and statistics of runtime are written by the query
Table Defined Function (TDF) is integrated into the file system of SQL Server, which
ensures that both data in the memory and hard disk is accessed for purposes of ensuring that no
un-streamlined flows occur. Generally, there are two major methods that should be used to



enable the query store be able to access the database. One of such outstanding method is GUI
that is incorporated within the Server Management Studio (Enrico, 2015). The second method of
enabling Query store access the database is by use of T-SQL. GUI is made possible by changing
the operation mode of the query store from ‘write’ to ‘read’. When this is implemented, the
query store is able to capture both runtime information and execution plans occurring within the
T-SQL method is the best in enabling the query store capture the information pertaining
to execution plans and runtime happening within the database of the server. For example, the
‘Data Flush Interval’ enables the user to set the pace at which statistics relating to runtime
information and execution information are monitored (Enrico, 2015). By setting the Data Flush
Intervals, general performance of the data base can be either enhanced or jeopardized; depending
on the specified time. Other important features that should be integrated into the file system of
SQL Server database or this organization are Max size, Statistics Collection Interval, Query
Store Capture Mode, Size Based Cleanup Mode and finally the Stale Query Threshold.
Real strategies of implementing the process of designing the database should be done by
a team of experts who are conversant within this field. This is justified by the fact that database
design process is a tunnel hence all effective tools should be put in place to avoid any chances of
external infiltration from people with sinister. Just like a petrol pipeline, there is need to
implement all security and safety measures to avoid chances of data leakage; which is
detrimental to the internal process of the organization. In the process of designing the database.
There should be effective monitoring, data recovery and backup plans, the entire disaster
recovery plans should be in place (Enrico, 2015). This promotes and element of efficiency and
reduced jeopardizes that happen while making important decisions of the corporation. The


corporation should be aware that indeed all computer systems should be well monitored by
experts. For example, in the process of implementing the structure of the database, there is need
to acquire electronic devices such as uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), effective secondary
devices such as flash disks and external hard disks for data backup and clear policy.
Data Base and Data Security Plan
There are valid reasons as to why computer security plans have to be implemented in a
clear manner (Maurer, 2015). Before, addressing the plan for data base security, I find it of

cardinal impact to list some of notable database security threats that ought to be curbed. Hackers
pose a huge setback in fulfilling the set objectives, goals, mission and vision of the company.
There are two categories of hackers; those that do it ethically to rectify weaknesses of the
database and those that do it within sinister motives. Hackers are just an iota of cyber security
threats that are associated with use of computers...

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