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Part 1: What were the results of your MBTI assessment? Do you agree with these results? Why or why not? Explain how the MBTI assessments relate to Jung's theory of personality development. Discuss how this information will enable you to be successful as a counselor. Would you use this assessment tool with your clients? If not, why?

This section of the project should be 2–3 pages in length.

Part 2: Develop a treatment plan, based on Adler’s personality theory, for a child who has come into your office due to acting out in the home. The child is disobeying, having temper tantrums, and hitting their siblings. Incorporate the Adlerian concept of birth order into your treatment plan, which should include two Adlerian techniques.

This section of the project should be 2–3 pages in length.

You are required to use appropriate APA citations as well as the APA format. It is also required that you use headings for these parts instead of typing the actual questions. For example, you could use “Myers-Briggs Assessment” for part 1 and “Treatment Plan based on Adler’s Theory” for part 2.

For the MBTI assessment I got ENFJ and equally ENFP.

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MBTI Assessment


MBTI Assessment

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an important assessment tool that provides
significant understanding on the underlying issues, which describe an individual wellbeing and
personality. There are different characteristics that shape individual wellbeing. The MBTI
assessment test results showed that I am an ENFJ and ENFP. The results provide a better
understanding of my wellbeing, and thus I completely agree with the results since they portray the
personality trait that I exhibit and explains significantly, how far I can go to achieve the targets set
out in life. Just as assertions of EFNJ suggest, I am a team player and a reliable person
characteristics, which are significantly explained through the MBTI test that I had. I believe that
the overall understanding of an individual characteristics are developed from deep within and
create a significant environment where it is much easy to understand an individual personality
(Tananchai, 2017).
I also believe that the results obtained show that I got ENFP provide a true understanding
of the underlying personality traits of my overall development plan which is an important
consideration which shows my focus in creating a critical and significant understanding of the key
considerations that help shape an individual wellbeing and environment. Being able to understand
my own MBTI personality results creates a much-enabled environment where I can as well focus
on improving the most important traits, which help in having a successful engagement. Being
hopeful is an important consideration that needs to be made and create a significant understanding
of the underlying issues, which shape individual wellbeing (Dhar & Vaid, 2014).
The MBTI assessments provide a significant understanding of the underlying issu...

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