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Global Warming and Greening Summary Paper - Due during Week 4 You are to read an assignment article as it relates to Greening or Global Warming. Once you have read the article you are to write a summary paper that address the following questions: 1. Does this article relate to Greening or Global Warming? 2. Please state the problem as described in this article. 3. Please state the solution to the problem as described in this article. 4. Please write a paragraph that discusses the problem and solutions and how this will affect technology as you know it today. Note: Sentences should be at least seven words in length. Paragraph should be five sentences long. The five sentences consist of the following sentences: an opening sentence, a closing sentence and at least three sentences of supporting detail. Global Warming or Greening Summary Rubric (sample): 3 4 The summary is The summary is 1 Ideas and scenes seem to be randomly arranged Organization pretty well very well 2 The summary is a little hard to follow. The transitions are sometimes not clear. organized. One idea may seem out of place. Clear transitions are used. organized. One idea follows another in a logical sequence with clear transitions. The overall The purpose Elements of Summary The purpose is generally clear. Word choice is fairly concise. wavers. Word choice is vague or repetitive. The purpose is unclear. the summary does not Word choice is confusing or misleading. purpose of the summary is clear. Word choice is consistently efficient and concise. There are no spelling or punctuation errors. Spelling There is one spelling and/or punctuation error. Subject verb There are 2-3 There are more spelling and/or than 3 spelling punctuation and/or errors. punctuation errors. There are 2-3 There are more subject verb than 3 subject errors. verb errors. There are 2-3 There are more run-on than 3 run-on sentences errors. sentences errors. There are 2-3 There are more comma splice than 3 comma errors. splice errors. There are no There is one subject verb subject verb errors. error. There are no run- There is one run- on sentences on sentences errors. error. There are no There is one comma splice comma splice errors. error. Run-on sentences, Comma Splices
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Running head: GLOBAL WARMING


Global warming
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Global Warming

The articles articulate how the greenhouse gases are a primary factor contribution of economic
inequality in the United States. Climates changes have a direct correlation with the global
warming. Therefore, this piece of the article discusses issues related to climate change and global
warming as a whole. Additional the articles deal with the universal economic losses that have
adverse effects on USA economy. Therefore, USA has been in the frontline in mitigating the
greenhouse gases...

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