MKT 5215Final Exam

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MKT 5215Final Exam


Please respond the questions below. Each response should take no more than 1 page, single spaced. It is important that your responses are concise, thorough, and well-supported. Must include a reference page.


Particular characteristics and behaviors of salespeople enable them to deal more effectively with some kinds of customers than with others. Some research actually demonstrates that salespeople tend to perform better when they interact with customers who are similar to themselves.

  • Which sales behaviors, skills, and characteristics are ideal and thought to affect a salesperson’s ability to perform? Please provide support for your response(s).
  • Based on the following recruiting sources, as a sales manager, which would you access and why?
  • With respect to evaluating sales person performance, how does “reach” and “frequency” equate to sales person performance? Please provide support for your response(s).


Recruitment and selection of new sales people is a critical skill for sales managers to develop. The pool of recruits from which a company selects its candidates can be generated from a number of sources.

  • Internal company referrals
  • Referrals from other firms
  • Educational institutions
  • Online job search engines
  • Recruiting agencies


Are sales “just a numbers game?” Some sales managers believe that all you have to do is make the right number of calls…to the right people, and the odds will work in your favor.

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Salesmanship Responses
A sales person is a business link to the final consumer and as such, care must be taken to
ensure that an appropriate individual with desired skills is recruited for the task. These
individuals handle areas of business such as promotion and marketing and thus must possess
matching skills. A well-equipped sales person in terms of skills portrays the business in a
positive light and this helps boost its reputation and attract several consumers as well as potential
customers. The various sales behaviors, skills, and characteristics that are necessary for a good
salesman are discussed in the subsequent paragraph.
Politeness is a skill and a form of behavior that must be employed by a sales person so
that they can effectively reach out to the client. It demonstrates that the salesman/ woman and by
extension the business, care and value the customer's opinion and view. A polite salesperson is
more likely to get more clients than a reckless one and thus the former’s performance would be
desirable as opposed to the latter’s. Patience is a critical characteristic for every business
individual, especially those that are at the interface where the final consumer is. A sales person’s
performance shall depend on how patient they are with the consumers. Customers have a wide
array of behaviors that must be accommodated by the sales person if he/she is to successfully
appeal to the final consumer. There are rude, polite, indifferent, and argumentative consumers. In
every one of these consumers, the sales person has to exercise restraint and patience to
understand them before he/she can proceed to address them o...

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