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Examine the differences between Microsoft Access and MySQL. Explain the differences between the two applications and provide three benefits of using MySQL with PHP.

Feb 22nd, 2015

Difference between MS Access Vs. MySQL

The difference between Microsoft Access Vs. MySQL are that

1.  MySQL is a database that works on almost all platforms while MS Access works only on Windows.

2.  MySQL has composite, Range partitioning support while MS Access does not support partitioning feature.

3.  MySQL is an open source that required no cost

4.  MySQL is much  better than MS Access in performance

5.  MS Access is compatible on the desktop and only small number of users can access it simultaneously.  Microsoft Access is more suitable for file sharing because it is easier to email someone a copy of your database then using MySQL database.  More people may have Access on their desktop computer than SQL Server.

6.  MS Access is not as secured as MySQL. MS Access only required username/password on the database.  MySQL is much more secured in that you can configured it with SSL support.

7.  MySQL is more famous amongst the professional because of it’s multiple choice in custom storage engines.

8.  MS Access is for local use and it is not good for remote access. MySQL is for the remote use and is good for remote access.

The advantages of using the MySQL with PHP is that PHP is a server side scripting language that creates dynamic pages with customized features. PHP will enable a user friendly and interactive website or web application. PHP enables visitors to freely interact while producing a flexible and dynamic content.

PHP is very cost-effective. PHP is operated among multiple operating systems and servers. PHP has solved the portability issues with one or more use of the operating systems.

Feb 23rd, 2015

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Feb 22nd, 2015
Feb 22nd, 2015
Oct 24th, 2017
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