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Unit VIII Research Paper Risk Management Safety Research Paper Using the recommended readings, your textbook, and additional research, construct an essay that addresses how you would approach the implementation of a risk management strategy based on recommendations found in Strategy for a National EMS Culture of Safety, your paper should:  Be a minimum of four pages and follow APA guidelines  Incorporate the recommended four tier approach from the Institute of Medicine  Include strategies for addressing: o operational risk, o clinical or patient risk, o personnel risk, and o legal or regulatory risk

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In essence, patient safety is a priority in health care facilities. Health care providers
receive training concerning how to deliver proper care to patients. Furthermore, the health
practitioners are educated on how to manage risks associated with patients. Nevertheless, the
care organizations should not stop at just the patient risks. These organizations have to consider
risks associated with regulations, personnel, and operations in the facilities. Each of these risks is
crucial to a care facility and deserves measures or strategies that can address the problems. This
paper attempts to describe how an organization can implement a risk management strategy. It
will also incorporate the four-tier approach which comprises of the operational risk, personnel
risk, legal or regulatory risk and the patient or clinical risks.
According to the EMS culture of safety, a risk management strategy is supposed to have
deliverable objectives. The EMS culture demands for the establishment of a safe environment
within the care facilities. Also, the culture maintains that for the efficient delivery of quality care
to patients a health facility should have an environment that can protect its resources. These
resources include the health and well-being of the employees, legal services, patient relations and
clinical services. If these resources are not protected, then a care organization is likely to face
problems concerning patient risk, operational risk, legal risk, and personnel risk.
In a bid to avoid the risks in care facilities an organization should implement a risk

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