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Unit VIII Final Project Throughout this course, you will be developing what is known as a strategic management action plan (MAP). When all the strategic planning is done and the written strategic plan document exists, then it is time for management action planning based upon our strategies. This is where so many health care organizations of all types fall short. The same level of effort that went into creating the strategic plan needs to continue as we take action, measure progress, and reassess over time. Management action planning is a step-by-step approach developed to help health care leaders plan the action steps that will lead to positive change for our organizations. The strategic plan sets the direction for us, and our MAPs get the work done, turning strategy into reality. Developing a MAP is a six-step process, and you will actually be practicing this MAP process as you create your course project. Some suggested MAP topics are provided here, and you are certainly free to propose your own topic if you like, perhaps something which truly needs to be addressed in your own organization. You may even find the MAP to be a valuable tool as you lead your own organization. By the time you reach Unit II, you should have determined your topic. In Units II through VII, you will learn about each step of the six-step process. It is suggest that you work on each part of your MAP during the week it is discussed to ensure that you complete your project on time. The completed project is due at the end of Unit VIII and should be in one of the following formats: .doc, .docx, .rtf, .pdf, or .txt. The project should consist of a minimum of five double-spaced pages and should be in APA format. Remember to cite any outside sources used to avoid plagiarism. Suggested HEALTH CARE topics include the following:  Nursing Recruitment and Retention in Health Care  Continuing Education Challenges  Patient Care Technology  Staff Safety on Duty  Patient Safety in Hospitals  Stakeholder Relationships  Community Education Programs  Disaster Preparedness HCA 4320, Development and Strategic Planning in Health Care 3  Medical Director Involvement  Quality Improvement Program for Health Care  Patient Satisfaction  Rural Health Issues  Funding for Hospital Programs  Neonatal/Pediatric Services Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below.

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Management Action Plan




Nursing Recruitment and Retention
Strategic Management Action Plan 2017-2022
The Midwest Medical Center is a premier healthcare provider in the country that
specializes in the maintenance and treatment of lifestyle conditions, heart-related diseases, and
provision of reproductive health solutions. It was established and thrives on the foundation of a
committed and highly motivated nursing workforce that stops at nothing short of impeccable
service delivery and guarantees the best interest of the facility's patients.
This strategic management action plan is a brainchild of the management with the focus
on a five-year plan to revamp the nursing personnel and sustain it in the wake of the global
nursing shortage. The program is based on the institution's driving force, informed by the
mission and vision of the medical center. Essentially, it is a plan conjured on the strength and in
consonance with the facility's objectives and future projections.
This strategy will articulate in detail how we purpose to attract, engage and retain quality
human resource in the nursing department, staff who appreciate the values and principles upon
which the facility was founded. The plan further interrogates how we will develop the existing
and acquired nursing personnel to guarantee consistency and continuity.
The strategy will also allude to the projected community involvement and partnerships
that will foster an inclusive environment and goodwill. Essentially, the plan envisions increased



access to quality and affordable healthcare, driven by a locally assembled ...

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