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Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to give learners an opportunity to summarize lessons learned about Human Resources Management with emphasis on employee relations. Please refer to the resources below to assist with the assignment.

Assignment Steps

Resources: Human Resource Management; Supplemental Resources.

Imagine that you have been hired as an HR consultant for your chosen company.

Use lessons you have learned throughout the term from your individual assignments and the feedback from your teams.

Make a recommendation about ways to grow the company's workforce inclusive of managerial roles, employment relationships, and implications for change in a global environment, with emphasis on HR's role.

Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation including the following:

  • Explain the need to grow the company's workforce based on organizational and personal values.
  • Analyze current environment to include workforce diversity and needs analysis.
  • Recommend ways to grow the company's workforce that aligns with organizational values.
  • Analyze how leader and manager skills will foster innovation and lead change.
  • Analyze employee relationship problems and pertinent details.
  • Evaluate strategies to resolve the problems; include a table format representation of pros and cons of labor unions.
  • Summarize a potential employee relations training plan.
  • Evaluate the implications of the changes on internal, external, and global environments.

Create a 1,050-word summary report of your findings to the CEO of the organization including a cover letter.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

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Final Answer

Here is the presentation and the research paper, please let me know if you need any revisions!


Human Resource Management and planning




Organizational and Personal values in Organizational Growth
Organizational values are exceptionally critical with regards to the development and
accomplishment of the set mission and vision for a given organization. The qualities reflect what
the association faith in while undertaking its center business exercises. Great esteems guarantee
that there is great connection between the individual esteems and the authoritative esteems. The
fundamental target is to guarantee polished methodology, quality execution and constructed great
picture and notoriety in the corporate market. The workforce should thus be implemented
through all around arranged means and approaches to guarantee that there is great securing,
authority and comprehension of the organizational values ("Motivating Employees Management - WSJ.Com"). Authoritative esteems guarantee that there is development of good
connection between the partners and the business.
The qualities additionally demonstrate how the business esteems its administrations and
purposes in the general population area. Then again, individual esteems guarantee that there is
development of moral character, inspiration and great notoriety. Since work environment is made
of assorted individuals, great individual esteems guarantee that there is working a similar way
thus disposing of instances of poor relationship and coordination among the individuals. All
things considered, efficiency is improved through great individual esteems in any given
association. The mission of an association, the vision explanation, center destinations, the vital
arranging and development can be very much grasped in a circumstance whereby the individual
and organizational values are surely knowing.
Current Environment to Include Workforce Diversity and Needs Analysis



Workforce diversity qualities is changing in the course of the most recent couple of years
in the working environment. The development of universal organizations and versatility of
human capital has made it feasible for various individuals to work in better places and
associations over the globe. The diverse worker has distinctive requirements, requests, culture
and convictions (Scouller, 2011). Utilization of code of morals has been one of the approaches to
deal with the differing qualities in the working environment. All things considered, there has
been utilization of qualities in the association to take care of the different demand of the different
individuals. Having just and open authority has made it feasible for the different gatherings of
individuals to take care of their needs and demand without having any intricate difficulties. All
representatives can be contained in the diverse workplaces gave that there is use of flexibility of
individual decision inside the request of other individuals.
Ways to Grow the Company's Workforce That Aligns With Organizational Values
Being ali...

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