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Course: Organizational Behavior and Human Resources in Healthcare Discussion #8 This week’s discussion builds on your Career Development exercise completed in Week 7, in which you researched internships, volunteer opportunities, and certifications in your chosen degree field. 1. Share with your classmates a bit about your field (Healthcare Administration) and your career aspirations (I hope to be a Hospital Administrator or CEO). How does this course fit into these goals? 2. What specifically did you learn in this course that has shifted your thinking about your career goals? 3. What questions have come up for you about your career goals and what research do you feel you still need to do? Please follow all requirements and answer each question. • Include introduction and conclusion. • Please use Peer Reviewed Articles • APA format is required and each reference must be cited in the paper. • Use headings to organize the content in your work. • Please no plagiarism and sources should be 5 years or less.
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Healthcare Administration
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Health care manager career
In the healthcare facilities, most of the healthcare experts focus on the safety and
standards of healthcare service provided to the patient. In an effort to accomplish this, there are
strategies which are required to be used to reach to as many people as imaginable, and it is
established by studying and developing the healthcare programs.

Health managers in the

company are important as they play a key role in the day to day running of operations. They are
responsible for governing the individuals working in the organization (Lieneck, Collins,
McKinnies, and Watts, 2017). In addition, they are required to work together with them to ensure
that they have attained the level of care services provided to the patient in the facility.
Studying about the healthcare administrator will have an enormous impact on my career
as a hospital administrator. One of the benefits that I will have is that it will help me to represent
the institution to the investors who would like to invest in the company. Also, it will help me
come up with strategies which I will set for the other employees in the company to follow which
will help the institution to provide the standards of services required to the patient and also
ensure the organizational goal are achieved (Ledlow, and Stephens, 2017). In addition, this will
help me as I employ the employees thus ensuring they have the standards required and also
training them to ensure the goals of the company are achieved. Also, it will help me to ensure
that patient safety is met in the organization and ensure that the safety rules are implemented in
the facility. Furthermore, this will also enable me to control the finance of the facility by
ensuring the intuition financially is stable.
Handling a health...

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