Dr. Larson told Donald Cowart not to ask to be allowed to die, philosophy homework help

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Have to be an thoughtful analysis essay based of the the article The Dax Case. Must have references.

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Analysis of Dax Corwat Case
The principle of autonomy is the core of medical ethics. However, the problem of
determining the level of competency that a patient possesses appears to be a major challenge.
The questions that arise when dealing with the idea of patient autonomy are whether a patient
should have complete autonomy, whether a doctor should do what a patient wants or does
patients lose their rights once they go to a physician? The answer to all these questions lies in the
idea of informed consent, in that, when a patient is making any medical decision they should be
well informed. Contrary to the principle of autonomy is paternalism whereby, the doctor does
what he considers is in the best interest of the patient. This paper analyzes Dax Cowart’s case by
these ideas and some other.
From this case, it appears that the doctors did not give Cowart enough pain medication
which would have helped seize the pain. If this would have been the case, t...

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