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You are now working as a digital marketing analyst to meet the business goal. Based on the backgorund of this business, complete all the questions with a totol of 800 words.

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View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.Hi, I finished. I'm attaching a detailed word count for every question since your teacher was very specific regarding the word range. I used Reebok as a potential company for this campaign since it actually suits the objectives and type of campaign very well. Also, the company is actually trying to increase sales in the same proportion as your teacher stated in the example.

Executive Summary
This paper presents an online marketing strategy for a firm competing in the athletic footwear and
apparel industry. This section focuses on establishing the online marketing campaign’s KPIs and how
they can be optimized to achieve the company’s growth objectives. It should also yield the highest return
per dollar spent and target potential customers, increasing sales and brand loyalty. The company will
work mostly with Google Ads, social media platforms, and email marketing. It will also require the
services of third-party companies that measure online marketing metrics that help to control the efficiency
of the campaign and improve customer targeting.
This marketing campaign was developed for Reebok. Sales for the Reebok brand have been
sluggish over the years and that prompted Adidas to divest the company. Total sales for the first semester
of 2021 were $965 million and they increased slightly during the second semester. Authentic Brands
Group (ABG) acquired the company and plans to continue operating it as a standalone subsidiary based in
the United States. ABG’s plan for Reebok include licensing the brand in specific Asian countries but it
also plans to continue increasing sales revenue at a higher rate than the industry average for 2021 which
was 36%. As the world recovers from the COVID pandemic and lockdowns are part of the past, outdoor
activities should increase. Projected sales growth is in line with the objectives of the current project.

Important KPIs and metrics



Secondary Metrics

Paid search

The goal of the KPIs
is to measure the
efficiency of online
ads. They provide
information that will
allow the company to
allocate resources
more efficiently,
generating a higher
return per dollar

1) Average click-through-rate
(CTR): measures the total
number of clicks vs impressions
(or times your ad is displayed).
2) Conversion rate (CVR):
measures the % of consumers
that viewed a displayed ad,
clicked on it, and made an actual
3) Cost-per-acquisition (CPA):
measures how much money was
spent on online ads per sales

Google quality score
helps companies
predict how efficient
their ads will be. A
high-quality score also
can result in discounts
from Google.

Display ads

The goal of the KPIs
is to measure how
many people see and
interact with the
company’s ads. The
higher the number,
the higher the
possibility for

1) Reach: how many unique
views do your ads have.
2) Engagement rate: % of people
that interact with the displayed
ad. This doesn’t mean that they
necessarily click on it.

Impressions measure
how many times your
ad is displayed by

customers to...

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