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Creating an E-Business System Report

Examining an existing company’s e-business system can often allow you to learn what to do and not do when designing an e-business system for a new company. Some of the components of an e-business system may include hardware, application software, network infrastructure, and e-commerce strategies. This Final Paper will require you to analyze the selections made by a company of your choosing. It will also prepare you for the process you will encounter in designing and implementing an e-business system.


For the Final Paper in this course, you will create an e-business system report on the company you work for. If you are not currently employed, select a company to research and focus on for your Final Paper (e.g., a company a friend or family member works for, a company you can research on the Internet). You must select a company that has an existing e-business system.

Requirements, Length, and Format

Create an original 2,000- to 2,500-word report, titled "E-Business System Report for XYZ Company." Replace “XYZ Company” with the actual company name only if you are not working for the company and selected to research another company. Do not disclose the name of the company anywhere in the report if you are working for the company you selected. Just refer to the company as “XYZ Company,” including on the title page.

The Final Paper is due on Day 7 of Week 6.

Your Final Paper must cover five main areas, outlined in detail in the Content section below.

Your report must be carefully edited for grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, format, and APA referencing style. The report should include:

  • Title page
  • Page numbers
  • Main headings for each section:
    • Introduction
    • Information Resources
    • System Specification
    • Electronic Commerce
    • Emerging Trends and Technologies
  • Sub-headings as necessary
  • In-text citations (not footnotes)
  • Reference list (must use at least four outside references in APA format)

Note: The word-length requirement is for the main body of the paper and does not include the Title or Reference pages.

Use the Final Paper Template to organize and format your paper.


Your report must include the following components:


  • Provide a brief introduction of the company. Include the company’s name, purpose, number of employees, etc.

Information Resources

  • Explain how the business uses the following resources: people, hardware, software, information/data, and network.
  • Describe the role of information systems in the particular business.
  • Explain how Porter's Five Forces Model comes into play in the company.

System Specification

  • Explain what functionality you think the employees, customers, suppliers, or other end users need from an e-business system.
  • Describe how the e-business system will be utilized.
  • Recommend ways the e-business system might be improved to meet the needs of the system stakeholders, and justify your recommendation.
  • Describe the e-business system in terms of hardware, application software, operating system, network infrastructure, and pricing comparison.

Electronic Commerce

  • Considering the possible combinations of business, consumers, and government, which best describes the company? For example, you might select Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C). Explain your choice.
  • Explain how e-commerce is used in the business.

Emerging Trends and Technologies

  • Explain which emerging trends and technologies could be used to improve/enhance the e-business system.
  • Explain how you will identify the emerging trends and technologies, and determine their applicability to your system.

Acceptable References

You must have at least four acceptable references for the information contained in your paper. The course text cannot count as one of the four references. Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable reference. Blogs and websites that simply present unsupported opinions are not acceptable references. If you have a question on what resources are acceptable or unacceptable references, ask your Instructor for guidance. Instructors will look favorably upon your paper if it has more than the required minimum of references.


In addition to the intellectual content, each paper will be evaluated for clarity of writing and adherence to APA standards. Also see the rubric, provided in the Course Information area.

Student has agreed that all tutoring, explanations, and answers provided by the tutor will be used to help in the learning process and in accordance with Studypool's honor code & terms of service.

Final Answer



E-Business System Report for Apple Incorporation




To provide an effective analysis of the various e-business aspects, I have chosen the Apple
Inc. The Apple Company is a multinational company, which is significantly engaged in the tech
industry playing a very crucial role in improving the current creativity and innovation within the
technology world. Apple Incorporation is one of the leading tech companies at the global stage.
The company offers various state of the art electronic devices, which are aimed at revolutionizing
the technological world for better, and quality devices that can be relied upon. The company thus
aims at becoming the best regarding technology and have a significant role in influencing the lives
of individuals across the world. Expanding its market and embracing new markets is one of the
key objectives that factors that the Apple Company is considering. The most significant hardware
products that have placed the company on the map include iPhone, the iPod, iPad and its unique
set of computers, which use Mac operating system. The company has become a symbol of elegance
and innovation in developing a unique products, which are of unmatched quality in the market.
The vision statement of the company focus on its core strategy of innovation where they focus on
producing highly creative and innovative products in the market to maintain the completive
advantage. By October 2016, Apple Inc. had 116,000 employees who help in delivering quality
products to the market (Cassidy, 2016).
Information resources
Apple Company is significantly known for its overall consideration of employee welfare
and performance. The employees of the Apple Company form an integral part to the overall
development strategy of the company. The overall understanding of the key issues within the
management of the company is significantly focused on how employees are managed. Employees
of Apple include individuals from management and junior employees who work effectively



together to create a better environment where it is much easy to develop significant considerations
relating to better organizational performance. Technologists form the backbone of the company
since they provide significant understanding on key issues within the overall delivery of better and
innovative technological ideas, which have significantly distinguished Apple from its competitors.
The uniqueness of the company and its performance has been significantly engaged and provides
a better platform where the company has been able to develop and improve its overall image as an
organization that offers quality and unique products to the market (Cassidy, 2016).
Apple Inc. is a technology company, and thus it is significantly engaged in putting in place
significant measures, which highlight a better understanding of underlying issues within the
organizational development. The use of hardware, software, data, information, and network form
a very important environment where the company is based in achieving its significant
organizational presence. The overall understanding...

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