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Write a three to five page paper in APA format discussing the topic you have chosen which is (Health Psychology). In your paper you must discuss the topic chosen by explaining how it is important to not only society but to your own life. Furthermore, tell me about the topic as if you were the instructor teaching someone about the material for the first time.

You must have at least three references including at least book in the paper. Wikipedia is not a scholarly reference and will result in a zero on the paper.

References must be written in APA format.

Extra information for paper:

It will be important to me because Im going into the nursing field. Ask more information as needed for the paper.

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Hi,Find attached the completed work.Feel free to ask for any clarification or editing if need be.Looking forward to working with you in the future.Thank you.


Health Psychology
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Health psychology is the process of studying the psychology and behavior for a better
understanding of the physical illness. It refers to studies on how cultural and psychological
factors affect the physical health of an individual (Kosslyn & Rosenberg, 2007). Using a bio
psychosocial method to study patients, they believe that health is affected by the biological
process, thoughts, habits, ethnicity and socioeconomic status among others. Through
understanding how these factors have a direct effect on the health of an individual, health
psychologists can work with patients directly or public programs to help the patients get better
The work of a health psychologist could be training other professions like nurses or
psychologists on the role of psychology in the health of a patient. They may also be paired with
other professionals on health like physicians, social workers or physical therapists to research, do
assessments and give treatment methods to patients whose health is affected by psychological
factors (Kosslyn & Rosenberg, 2007). Most health psychologists, however, conduct research on
ways to prevent health deterioration and maintain a healthier lifestyle. They also seek to improve
the health sector by giving their input to other professionals like doctors on how to deal with
their patients and also give advice on what psychological issues are affecting patients (Kosslyn &
Rosenberg, 2007)....

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