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describe the pathological progression of the infection in to pneumonia and at least two medical/ nursing intervention that will be helpful in treating the patient.Examine the laboratory blood test result and arterial blood gases provided in discussion question what laboratory values are considered abnormal?Explain each abnormality and the probable causes from a pathophysiology perspective.What medications and medical treatments are likely to be prescribed by the attending physician on the case. List at least three medications and three treatments. Provide rationale of the medication and treatment.

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Explain what mucor is and how a patient is likely to become infected with mucor
describe the pathological progression of the infection in to pneumonia and at least two
medical/ nursing intervention that will be helpful in treating the patient.
Mucor is an emerging health concern, which is having a significant influence on the overall
wellbeing of individuals. Also known as mucomycosis is a rare fungal infection but highly
aggressive and fatal infection that significantly affects immune-compromised patients. This means
that the infection significantly affects patients who are having immune complications. Mucor
infections have been significantly becoming very common while the survival level of patients who
are suffering from this infection is very low. Deferoxamine predisposes patients to Mucor through
supplying of the fungus containing iron (Racsa et.al 2016).
Mucor is significantly caused by a common fungus that is found in soil as well as in dying
plants. Most individuals, therefore, get in contact with this fungus at some time but the overall
environment where they are expected to be infected depends on the immune system of individuals.
Individuals having weakened immune systems are at a very high risk of being infected and thus
the chances of survival are very slim considering an important consideration that the immune
system is already low and thus unable to fight the fungal infection. The common conditions that
are mostly associated with Mucor include medical conditions, which have a significant influence
on the overall immune system of a patient. Therefore, some of the common conditions include
AIDS. Diabetes, Leukemia, Long-term steroid use, malnutrition and use of some medicines such
as the deferoxamine (Racsa et.al 2016).
Mucormycosis is caused ...

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