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You and your partner are a two-person patrol in a rural district of Kansas for a county sheriff’s office. Your area of responsibility is right in the middle of “Tornado Alley.” Two weeks ago, a category 4 tornado touched down at the north end of a town in your jurisdiction and hit a day care. Twenty-two children were in the day care with five care providers. Most of the children were huddled with four of the providers at one end of the structure, where there was little damage. Five of the children, who took shelter with one of the care providers in the other end of the building, were pulled out of the building by the tornado. Four of the children and the caretaker that had been with them were found on a nearby street, all dead from blunt trauma. The fifth child has not been found. The ages of the children are 3–5 years old.

Your partner is a young man with a wife of five years. They have two children, ages 3 and 4. When the children’s bodies were found, he started to cry. He did his job the entire time with tears in his eyes. You and your partner searched for almost 36 hours without sleep for the missing child, to no avail. Since this incident, your partner has all but stopped speaking. He misses radio calls and is no longer the observant partner that you had prior to the incident with the tornado strike. You thought it would be just a day or two until he recovered, but he has not rebounded, and it is going on the third week. You have concern for his and your safety as well as the safety of the public.

You spoke to him about it, and he told you to mind your own business. The sergeant came to you and asked about your partner because he noticed the symptoms. The sergeant related that he had spoken to the watch commander and was instructed to have you prepare a report of observations, an assessment of the problem, and recommendations for getting the problem solved.

In a report of 3–5 pages to the watch commander of the sheriff’s department patrol bureau, explain your concerns about the behavior of your partner. Identify that your relationship prior to 3 weeks ago was excellent. Explain how you believe this is incident driven and why. Determine at least 2 possible disorders that may be impacting your partner. Provide the watch commander with 2 alternatives in terms of getting your partner back on track.

Group Portion (1)

  • Discuss the following with your group in the Small Group Discussion Area:
    • How is your partner’s behavior impacting the efficacy of your patrol duties? Explain.
    • What are the key symptoms of what you believe your partner may be going through? Explain.
      • Why are these symptoms dangerous? Explain.
      • How can these symptoms affect you in the short term? In the long term?
  • Be sure to come to a group consensus before continuing on to the next 2 portions of the project.

Individual Portion

  • Address the following in at least 1 page:
    • Identify the relationships the partner has in his personal life that may be related to the day care tornado call.
      • Why are these relationships important in this case?
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

Group Portion (2)

  • Address the following as a group in 3–4 pages:
    • Provide at least 2 recommendations for rehabilitating your partner. Explain in detail.
    • Consider what you are going to tell the other deputies when they ask why your partner is relieved of duty.
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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ADD MY NAME: Andres Quiles

Class: CRJS 390

Date: July 11, 2017

School: AIU Online

This is all I need in the hea

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Partner’s Report
Andres Quiles
CRJS 390
AIU Online
July 11, 2017



The category 4 tornado touching down and hitting the day care was indeed an unfortunate
event to both the affected community and my patrol partner at the rural district of Kansas. The
catastrophic occasion led to many losses of properties as well as deaths and injuries of innocent
young souls and the caretakers. Similarly, my partner was also primarily affected by the
scenarios he witnessed while he was on his duty to rescue the casualties and in search for the
missing child. Because the concerned children and especially those who died were exactly in the
same age group with his own children and this significantly affected him and he was indeed
traumatized by the ordeal. Furthermore, the situation also affected his relationships with others
as well as his conduct at work. Driven by the concern for his and my safety together with the
security of the public, I will have to develop a report of the observations and assessment of the
issue, and the recommendations for getting the solutions to the problem. Specifically, I will
discuss the concern concerning the behavior of my partner, identify my relationship before the
three weeks of the incident and also explain how I believe the calamity drove this situation.
Moreover, I will also identify the two possible disorders that may be affecting my patrol partner
before offering the two alternatives which will help my partner to get back on track and carry out
his life and duties normally as before.
Group Portion 1
Honestly, before the unfortunate event which struck the day care in our jurisdiction, we
were the best partners in the rural district of Kansas. We carried out our patrol duties with no
problems, and indeed we performed well as we were named the best team in community policing
in the entire district. My partner’s behaviors and attitudes towards the job were outstanding, and



he was always willing and ready to ensure that law and order are maintained in the society.
However, I have to admit that since the occurrence of the event, I have had a difficult time
working with him. Moreover, his attitudes and conducts have drastically changed, and this has
made me fear for both his and my safety as well the safety of the public.
The patrol duties require effective communication, teamwork, and organizational skills.
All these competencies have since disappeared from my partner, and it has made working with
him to be extremely challenging. Apparently, he stopped speaking or communicating to others at
the workstation. Sometimes he could only look at me when I asked something or clar...

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