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Answer questions 1 - 6 on p.487. Note: External research - a minimum of one (1)relevant reference (ARB decisions, court cases, labor laws) - is expected to support your discussion of this case. Be sure to provide a complete citation for your reference, using APA guidelines.

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Case Study: An Interest Arbitration Hearing
1. Assume the role of government interest arbitration: Analyze the arguments for a two year
vs. a three year contract. Which arguments are most compelling? Why?
Of the two arguments presented by both the City and the Union, the two year contract proposed
by the City is more compelling. This is because agreeing to a three year contract would put the
City in a situation where they will have to negotiate with the two different groups at different
times unlike a two year contract which will ensure all unions negotiate contracts at the same
time. Agreeing to a two year contract would put the city in a position where it will be in a
position to discuss the affairs of the employees at the same time in regard to similar
circumstances and at similar economic situation. Due to the health insurance coverage, its
important for the unions and the city to enter into the insurance agreement at the same time
rather than sig...

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