Critique the six pillars of United States policing and how they are demonstrated within the concept of procedural justice, Powerpoint presentation help

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Assignment 2: The Pillars of Procedural Justice and Law Enforcement Reform

Create a 10–15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation (excluding the title and reference slides) that addresses the following:

  • Critique the six pillars of United States policing and how they are demonstrated within the concept of procedural justice.
  • Discuss the major tenets of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing.
  • Identify the changes that are recommended within U.S. policing to modernize law enforcement.
  • Address how the pillars of justice serve to promote trust and ensure legitimacy.

The key to a successful project is to ensure that the presentation:

  • Addresses all of the information requested (see bullet points above)
  • Is “creative” in that it utilizes template, color, hyperlinks, pictures, and streaming video in support of your major premises
  • Completed in PowerPoint (other formats will be scored a zero)
  • APA style is utilized on the reference slide
  • No large music files are included
  • Outside research is evidenced
  • Free of spelling and other grammatical errors

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Six pillars of United States policing
Six pillars of United States policing
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 On December 18, 2014, On December 18, 2014, President Barack

Obama, the former President of US set up a team accused of
distinguishing best practices and offering proposals on how policing
practices can advance compelling wrongdoing diminishment while
building open trust.
 The team met seven times inside 90 days in the attempt to fortify
group policing and trust among law requirement officers and the
groups they serve, particularly in light of late occasions that have
underscored the requirement for, and significance of, enduring
community oriented connections between nearby police and people
in general.
 The pillars of 21st century policing: building trust and authenticity,
approach and oversight, innovation and web-based social
networking, group policing and wrongdoing lessening, officer
preparing and training, and officer wellbeing and health.

Pillar One -Building Trust and

The law enforcement should do the following:
Grasp a guardian, as opposed to the warrior, outlook to construct trust and
authenticity both inside offices and with general society.
Receive procedural equity as the controlling rule for inside and outer
arrangements and practices.
Set up a culture of straightforwardness and responsibility to fabricate open
trust and authenticity.
Proactively advance open trust by starting positive authorization exercises to

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