Psychosocial Stressors and Suicide Case Study Discussion

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Discussion #3

Review the 3 cases listed below. (Also listed in your book p. 87-88)

For EACH case:

1) Identify the risk level using page 75 and explain why? (low, middle, high) - (minimum 1 paragraph) 4 points

2) What additional information would you like to know and how would that information be useful? - (minimum 1 paragraph) 4 points

3) What appropriate intervention or next steps would you take with this client as supported in the text? Make sure to include in cultural or identity considerations (age, gender, culture, ethnicity, etc.) - (minimum 2-3 paragraphs) 12 points

A 19 year old Asian boy has received two Ds on his college report card and feels he has shamed his family. He plans to kill himself by jumping off the highest building on campus. He knows that six other people have successfully ended their lives in this way over the past ten years.

A 45 year old woman is very depressed. All of her children are grown and married. She has been divorced for 20 years, and she is dissatisfied with her job. She sees no reason to live but has no specific plan to kill herself. She feels like a burden to her children.

A 68 year old man whose wife died six months ago is very depressed and wants to shoot himself. He has a loaded gun at home. His dog has just died.

Your responses will be graded on:
- is the feedback/response well thought-out?
- does it reflect information discussed in the text, slides, and discussions?
- does it make sense?

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Discussion #3



Discussion #3
Case 1
The risks level for the 19-year-old Asian boy to commit suicide is high. This is because
among the risk factors for teenagers to commit suicide include: exposure to models, considering
he knows six other individuals who have committed suicide for the same reasons as his (Orozco
et al., 2018). Family processes linked with psychosocial stressors are another factor that triggers
suicide among teenagers where the boy feels he has shamed the family.
Additional Information
Considering that he is an Asian boy, I would like to know whether this affects him in
school in terms of being bullied by fellow students based on his ethnicity. This can be another
factor that can be highly relevant for the 19-year-old boy to commit suicide. Another factor I
would like to know concerning the boy is being there any records of previous suicide attempts,
and this is another risk factor for teenagers to commit suicide.
the interventions I would take with the client, considering that he is a teenager, are
teaching stress management and promoting self-esteem, such as general suicide education.
Particularly for the young boy whose suicide level is high, it is critical to developing su...

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