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Compare and contrast cat. 6 unshielded twisted pair (UTP), coaxial, and single mode fiber optic cabling types. Describe one or two of the advantages and/or disadvantages associated with using each cable type for a business’s network infrastructure. Consider the (a) cost per foot or meter; (b) termination/installation cost; (c) bandwidth; (d) cable length/transmission distance; (e) end point devices (i.e., workstation, wireless access point, switch, router, server, SAN, etc.); (f) use – in-building horizontal or vertical; and (g) conversion or interface equipment. Be sure to support your information with the appropriate citation(s).The paper must use APA 6th ed., 7th printing formatting and contain a title page, 3 to 5 pages of content, and a minimum of three peer-reviewed references. Use the link about to submit your paper.Your assignment will be graded based on the rubric, which can be viewed when clicking on the assignment link.Assignment Resource(s):

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Types of Cables

Running head: TYPES OF CABLES

Types of Cables
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Types of Cables

There are three common types of cables used in networking which include coaxial, unshielded
twisted pair and fiber optic cables. Both unshielded twisted pair and coaxial cable are made up of
copper, and fiber optic cable is made of a bundle of glass threads whereby they use light waves
to transmit messages.
Unshielded twisted pair is commonly used in homes and business companies to connect
to Telephone Company. It is suitable for transferring differential signals that are balanced
therefore suitable for Ethernet networks and the cables used in these networks are cat5e, cat6a
and cat7 cables. For cat 6, it cost US $ 0.1- 0.23 per meter. The standard connector that is used to
connect UTP cabling is an RJ-45 connector. The bandwidth of UTP cabling for cat6 is 250MHz.
Its cable is mostly used for vertical cabling which connects floor to floor. The installation cost
will depend on the number of machines connected and the distance covered.
The advantages of UTP over coaxial and fiber optic cable a...

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