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  1. Your task, in this term paper is to choose one of the theories we studied in class and to give that theory your best defense. Defend the theory of your choice against the difficulties against it.

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Introduction to Philosophy: Term Paper The textbook, and this class, has typically presented different philosophical theories, given reasons to accept the theory and then given some difficulties the theory has. We have been studying how theories have been defended and how they have been criticized. Many students are not used to this approach to learning. Some students feel unsatisfied and want answers but are only left with more questions. Even philosophers know, in the end, some decision needs to be made. We know the strengths and weaknesses of the theories, but we still want to say what we think are the correct—or at least better—theories. Your task, in this term paper is to choose one of the theories we studied in class and to give that theory your best defense. Defend the theory of your choice against the difficulties against it. Do not merely review the strengths of the theory, but attempt to persuade the world why the theory is right. Choose one of the topics below and write the most complete philosophical defense of the position that you can. • The essay is to be a minimum of 1000 words in length, typed, and doublespaced. Use standard formatting like MLA or APA. • Use a standard serif-font (Times New Roman, Palatino, New York) with a font size of 12. • Top and bottom margins should be 1”. Left and right margins should be 1.25”. • The essay should be argumentative (not descriptive or expository). • If you use sources, all sources must be cited in the essay and a bibliography must be provided. • Due Date: July 12, 2017 Topics: 1. Rationalism 15. Functionalism 2. Empiricism 16. Eliminative Materialism 3. Hard Determinism 17. Ontological Argument 4. Indeterminism 18. Cosmological Argument 5. Libertarianism 19. Teleological Argument 6. Compatibilism 20. Pascal’s Wager 7. Deep-Self Compatibilism 21. Defend one Theodicy 8. Illusion Theory 22. Intelligent Design 9. Body Theory 23. Ethical Relativism 10. Soul Theory 24. Divine Command Theory 11. Memory Theory 25. Utilitarianism 12. Behaviorism 26. Deontology 13. Type-Type Identity Theory 27. Virtue Ethics 14. Token-Token Identity Theory ...
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The Importance of Empiricism
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The Importance of Empiricism
Empiricism is not a particularly well-regarded philosophical theory. If rationalism affirms
that reason knows without the need of experience – or, moreover, that every empirical factor
needs to be put aside so that reason, understood as an innate faculty, functions to its greatest
extent – empiricism sustains the exact opposite. For empiricists, all knowledge derives from
sensory experience; this is the only source of knowledge and without it, there is no such thing as
knowledge. Though some have called empiricism reductive, because of “the belief that each
meaningful statement is equivalent to some logical construct upon terms which refer to
immediate experience” (Quine, 20), there is a necessity for the e...

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