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In your answers be sure to draw on the assigned material to show us that you've mastered it. If you quote from a source, be sure to use quotation marks and to cite what you borrow. (Give source, author, page number or website address - in a parenthetical citation). Keep all quotations brief -- no longer than one short sentence. Use quotations to clinch your main claim. Your words are what matter most. Please do not plagiarize.

  1. There were many proposed solutions to sexual inequality in the antebellum period. In what ways were antebellum feminists radical? In what way were they traditional? Choose two very feminists of the antebellum period and answer these two questions at some length.
  2. What did the antebellum communal projects have in common? How did they differ? Take two such communal projects (or utopias) and compare and contrast them separately.
  3. Lincoln wrote that the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act forced him to leave sleepy Springfield, Illinois and to debate Stephen Douglas, the author of the Act. It eventually led to Lincoln becoming president. What was it about the Kansas-Nebraska Act that so deeply offended Lincoln and many northerners? Put your answer in the simplest terms possible.
  4. The Dred Scot decision in 1858 seemed only to be about a minor matter over legal rights: did a slave have the right to sue his master for his freedom given that said slave had been temporarily in a free state? If the case had only been about this matter, I would not be asking you here to tell us why the Dred Scot truly mattered. What were the issues at stake and how did the court decide those issues?
  5. Why did the North prevail in the Civil War? What was its greatest asset? Give at least three reasons in answer to the first question and discuss them before you answer the second question.
  6. Why didn't Lincoln simply free all of the slaves at the start of the war, in 1861, thus ending the conflict at one blow? I mean, he was the President of the United States. What made this measure impossible? Write more here, not less, and base all of it on historical fact.

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1. Women movements in the U.S were formed during the 1830 era. At the time, women felt that
they needed to be considered as equals and thus they fought for their rights. Sarah Grimke and
Angelina Grimke were radical females that men tried to silence on the basis of their gender.
They advocated for the end of slavery to be accompanied by the end of gender-bias. They argued
that God intended human beings to be equal and thus females and males should be treated
equally as opposed to being separated (Openstax, 2016). The antebellum feminists were
traditional in that their role as mothers or nurturers influenced them to join the movement.
2. The shakers, a communal project formed by Ann Lee was based on a religious foundation and
the fou...

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