Research a professional article or study in the field of behaviorism/ cognitive behaviorism, Psychology homework help

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The article must be written by a professional in the field of which the article is about, with a degree and credentials in that field.

Answer the following:

1. Who is the article by? Who is the article for?

2. What is the motivation for this article: a growing problem, recently aroused issue, new finding, etc

3. What is discussed in this article?

4. Does the article give a solution? A conclusion? Explain

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The paper is a research of the behaviorism article by Strain et al, (1992).

Here is the originality Report:

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The professional article selected for this assignment is ‘Behaviorism in Early
Intervention’ by Phillip S. Strain, Scott R. McConnell, Judith J. Carta, John T. Neisworth, and
Mark Wolery. All these authors are professionals in the field of psychology thus the reliability of
the article to articulate the psychological issues it seeks to articulate from a professional point of
view. The article is for all psychology professionals to a small extent because of the persistent
noted misunderstanding of the behavioral approach and how it can be applied to children in their
early education years. It is also meant to target the individuals that deal with children during their
early childhood education to a larger extent. The information provided in the article aims at the
improvement of the lives of young children who are living with some form of disability or any
delays in their development along with their families who have to bear the burden of coping with
the shortcomings of their children.
The major motivation for this article is the fact that most childhood special educators in
the recent past have kept on disregarding the contribution that behaviorism has on the
intervention and assessment of children with developmental delays and special needs. The recent
raising criticisms of the behavioral approach and its intervention in childhood education ...

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