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150-200 words needed, along with 2 creative peer questions related to following nursing theorists, attached is my personal philosophy which can be incorporated into the answer to make it more personal.

  • Hildegard Peplau
  • Ida Orlando
  • Madeline Leininger

Contributions of Nursing Theorists Discussion


  1. After reading the assigned chapters, please post two discussion questions based on the readings along with your answers to the following questions:
    • If these chapters influenced your philosophy? Why or why not?
    • Did anything surprise you? What?
  2. Do not summarize the chapters. Provide your thoughts and discussion questions that makes your classmates think.

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Philosophy or philosophia, Greek for love and wisdom is defined as a set of ideals, standards or beliefs used to describe a specific group or person’s behavior and thoughts. It is also defined as a fundamental nature of knowledge, reality and existence related to life. There is a multitude of definitions of philosophy, but I feel to truly understand the definition a person must develop a philosophy of their own. This will allow you to better grasp the concept of philosophy from the perspective of your own, also allowing you to see, understand and possibly relate to the personal philosophy of others. My personal philosophy involves being the most kind, considerate, positive, productive and successful person I can possibly be. What drives me day in and day out, is the continuous ability to remain positive, kind, polite and considerate to anyone I cross paths with and to remain goal oriented and work diligently to achieve them. These behaviors and aspects of my personality are what allow me to feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment. I believe in spirituality and positive energy. I feel whatever you put out into the universe, being negative energy, words or actions, will be returned to you tenfold. Many refer to this as “Karma”. I take pride in being revered as a kind, respectful, considerate, professional, intelligent and driven young woman. A young woman whom is successful in all aspects of life and described in an endearing, humble and positive light. Furthermore, being mindful of others, whether it be patients, family, friends or strangers, allows me to better understand myself and have stronger more meaningful relationships and effective communication. Within my personal philosophy also lies a strong desire to make a difference, even something seemingly small as a thoughtful gesture, picking up someone else’s liter or helping someone who maybe lost and needs directions. I feel having a strong personal philosophy is essential to mental, emotional and even physical health. It promotes purpose and balance which can be considered somewhat of a domino effect. With purpose, balance and a true understanding of one’s self, everything else in life with fall into place. Whether it’s within your home life, professional life or academic life, positivity and success will ensue. References George, J. B. (2010). Nursing theories: the base for professional nursing practice. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. Philosophy. (n.d.). Retrieved May 17, 2017, from My personal philosophy is to be an overall exemplary human being and a successful health caregiver and contributer to our community. The text allowed me a good understanding of the conceptual models, what makes a conceptual model, and a better understanding of concept mapping a, philosophies and my own philosophy. I felt a substantial amount of influence from the contents of the chapters and was surprised at how similar some of the concepts were to my own philosophy. Caring is defined as a complex, and trans-cultural process, grounded in an ethical and spiritual context. Caring reflects a moral obligation or duty that lays the ethical framework for nursing. Active participation with others is needed to provide compassionate and ethical patient care in a healing environment. Quality care for patients requires reciprocity with those whom nurses can professionally identify with. I have had the opportunity to take care of people from diverse backgrounds. Throughout my career, I have learned the importance of providing holistic care to my patients. This type of care reflects my personal philosophy. Knowing that I can apply my personal experience and contribute to a client’s recovery and wellness gives me a sense of personal pride, which in turn, strengthens my commitment to this profession. With the advance knowledge and skills and my philosophy of caring, coupled with health promotion, I will be able to provide emphatic and holistic care to a diverse group of patients in my role as Registered Nurse and provide to my patient a quality health care. Accountability, professionalism and compassion are the three key points to be a great nurse. Evidence based practice combining research, clinical knowledge, and patient preferences to reach a health care. The use of the highest quality information and deemphasizes the use of customs, opinions to make a clinical judgment. The goal of evidence based practice is provide care that is safe, effective and compassionate.
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Nursing Theorists Discussion

Peer questions

1. According to Hildegard Peplau, how is interpersonal theory applied in nursing?
2. What are the assumptions of the theory of culture care diversity based on the work of
Madeline Leininger?

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