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Imagine for a moment that you are doing a class project with six other students. The group has decided by taking a vote to do a fund- raising campaign for the local Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Two people in the group have said they are not enthused about the project and would rather do something for an organization like Habitat for Humanity. While the group is moving forward with the agreed- upon project, the two people who did not like the idea have started missing meetings, and when they do attend, they are very negative. As a leader, list five specific actions you could take to assist and engage this out- group. Should be between 300-400 words and in APA format.

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Listening to Out-Group Members and Building Community
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Listening to Out-Group Members and Building Community
In a group, not everyone agrees with proposed opinions. A leader is tasked with the duty
of ensuring all team members are working towards the same objective. (Northouse, 2017) In our
group of six handling a group project, we an idea to do a campaign Local Big Brothers Big
Sisters Program, however, two team members preferred we assist Habitat for Humanity. We
went with the m...

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