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  1. The professional portfolio is a collection of items you will need for interviewing and credentialing for some hospitals, clinics, and malpractice insurances. This is a showcase of everything that makes you the NP you are and the qualifications to back you up. While this is an assignment for this course, it is also a tool you will use and maintain throughout your career.
    Search the internet for nurse practitioner certification organizations. Choose 1 to join and add it to your portfolio.
    Prepare a professional portfolio. Include the following components:
    • Mission and vision statement
    • Résumé and curriculum vitae, including:
    • Professional experience
    • ACEMAPP summary of patient experiences
    • Letters of reference or recommendation
    • Awards, honors, or distinctions
    • Personal presentations, articles, or reports that you have published
    • Description of special projects
    • Your state board of nursing application
    • National nurse practitioner certification application
    • Drug Enforcement Administration application
    • State prescribing and/or furnishing/dispensing application
    • National Provider Identification (NPI) number application
    • Salary expectations and justification
    • Malpractice insurance application
    • Desired benefits
    • Other:
    • NP brochures or pamphlets
    • National competencies for nurse practitioners
    • Standard policy and procedures and/or collaborating physician agreement document
    Submit your assignment.

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Final Preceptorship


In this resume, I will address the American Nurses Association as the nurse practitioner
certification organization that I hope to be part of when I start nursing practice.
Mission and vision: I am an ambitious certified clinical nurse with hospital administrative
functions and patient care experience. I hope to combine my ability and skills towards evaluating
and advocating the different patient needs.
Professional Experience: Worked at the Peterson Hospital in Plymouth as a certified nursing
assistant for three years. My roles included:

Assisting patients with some of their mobility needs.

Supporting physical therapy and ambulation needs.

Conducting the planned routine exercise.

I also worked as a resident's nursing assistant at Boston Medical for two years. My role included
observing and performing tests and tool measurements at the different phases based on the
quality control plan.
ACEMAPP summary: Managed to analyze patients' vital signs and patient assessment
processes. Apart from that, I have engaged in chemotherapy administration and medical
administration. Most patients appreciate the experiences because the health administration and
care processes have been positive.
Letter of recommendation
Dear Dr. Livingstone,
I am writing this letter on behalf of Allan Smith. I have known him as a competent young nurse
who has worked with us at Boston Medical for two years under my supervision. Over the years,


Mr. Smith developed into a refined and versatile nurse. Therefore, his application deserves some
attention. Thank you.
Awards and Honors: Won the administrator and Educator award for three years in a row. Apart
from that, I earned a three special pin award for life-sav...

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