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In healthcare, quantitative methods are always used to analyze various phenomena in tendencies and frequencies (Hyder, 2020). Thus, since quantitative research utilizes surveys and experiments, it plays a crucial role in describing and assessing a population's health to understand precisely the factors that affect public health (Hyder, 2020). Information gathered through qualitative and quantitative data reveals information of current practices, highlights disparities in policy, and allows for recommendations for improvement (Armstrong-Moore et al., 2021). This helps public health stakeholders to identify the necessary interventions that can be applied to public health problems (Hyder, 2020). On the other hand, qualitative methods use description to analyze various healthcare phenomena. Since it uses observation and interviews, it is used to study the behavioral and social phenomena relevant to public health (Armstrong-Moore et al., 2021). Most social and behavioral phenomena tend to be very complex; thus, challenging to quantify (Hyder, 2020). Therefore, the qualitative methods tend to offer the appropriate approach under such circumstances (Armstrong-Moore et al., 2021). Nevertheless, these two methods are still critical in public health research.

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Educative post; I agree with your discussion that the quantitative method is highly used in
health care to analyze phenomena in frequencies and tendencies. According to Mason, the
quantitative method uses measured variables which is later recorded as numerical data analyzed
by statistics tools. Quantitative research utilizes experiments and surveys; hence, it assesses and
describes the population's health to ...

Really great stuff, couldn't ask for more.


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