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I need to have a PowerPoint presentation of policy in Saudi Arabia females are not allowed to drive, when that law come out and what positive reason will be made after making new law suggestions and how impacts the societies ,10-15 slide and can have picture to give ideas and need a quote from Quran as a resource and why and what , make sure last slides be questions and history and culture will be nice adding, Else the overall idea, need it to be a convinced for the audience . I will be having more information after tomorrow.

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Ban on Women Drivers in Saudi Arabia – Outline

Overview Of Women Rights under Basic Governance Law


Cultural and Religious Identity of Saudi Women


Socioeconomic Status of Saudi Women


Reasons for Ban on Women Drivers in Saudi Arabia
Is the Ban Islamic?
Social Consequences of the Driving Ban
Political Consequences of the Driving Ban
Proponents of the Driving Ban
Critics of the Ban
Proposed Policy Reforms


❖ Saudi Arabia has over 9million well educated and cultured women and girls that

must not be seen operating a motor vehicle.
❖ The decision by the Saudi Royal family to prevent women from driving is neither

Islamic nor economic but simply a political one to the maintain the status quo in
the oil-rich nation so as to keep them in power and maintain their
relationship with the hard line
and highly influential Islamic
clerics that could pass fatwa on
and their interests in the region.
Image source: Al-Riyadh (2016).

Overview Of Women Rights under Basic
Governance Law
❖ Saudi Arabia`s Basic Law of Governance raises the Quran (Muslims

Holy Book) and Sunna (Prophet Muhammad’s sayings and
traditions) to the status of the constitution (Rajkhan, 2014).
❖ This approach gives significance to religious institutions in the

maintenance of every aspect of the citizens’ moral and cultural
values. Therefore, the religious institutions controls the judiciary the
follows Islamic laws and law enforcement that are male dominated.
❖ Therefore, the legal status of Saudi women including their rights are

subjected to the dictates of the interpretation of the clerics of the
Islamic law.

Cultural and Religious Identity of Saudi
❖ Islamic perspectives defines the behavior and practices that

women engage in and their appearance in society.
❖ A woman is assigned a male companion that supervise the

formation of her religious identity that be according to Islamic

❖ This male companion is her brother or father if she is

unmarried or husband or son if she is married.
❖ Also, the cultural identity of Saudis including the male and

females is the same as the religious ones since their lifestyle
are defined and governed by the Islamic clerics.

Socioeconomic Status of Saudi Women
❖Saudi Arabian government considers women’s nature

to be different from that of men; therefore, they are not
allowed to work in the same jobs as men.
❖ Therefore, the socioeconomic development of women

are dependent on their men and those given the
opportunity to attain higher status in their professions
as teachers and nurses.
❖ The highly patriarchal society that dominated by the

dictates of the religious conservative scholars restrict
the economic incentives available to women in country.

Reasons for Ban on Women Drivers in
Saudi Arabia
❖Driving by woman would expose them "to temptation"

and lead to "social chaos."
❖The opportunity would allow the mixing of genders,

which is a great sin and would divert males and females
from the main goal.

Is the Ban Islamic?
❖ The arguments whether the ban is Islamic is controversial with most

women activists and their supporters claiming that there is no such
laws in the Holy Quran.
❖ On the contrary, the Saudi clerics cited the Sunna of the Holy

Prophet as the basis of the ruling on the matter. Meanwhile, an
examination of the opinions of various experts and contents of the
Qur’an and the Hadith revealed that there is no place where such
pronouncement were made.
❖ This lack of evidence in the two most important books of Islam is the

reason for the dissident women that have been seen behind wheels

Social Consequences of the Driving
❖ Women are socially restricted due to the need for a male

custodian during public events.
❖ Saudi women are unable to develop their social

perspectives due to this ban on driving and other

restrictive laws that are enforced by vari...

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