​Pros and Cons of transformational leadership?

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Pros and Cons of transformational leadership?

Feb 28th, 2015


1. . This kind of effective leadership model creates an enthusiastic work environment and drives the organization with innovations and changes. The fact that individuals are working through self motivation will particularly guarantee larger efficiency and output.

2. This will likely develop future leaders from a lot of followers.

3. Individuals will work for the leader although the other benefits and monetary offered are lesser as they’ll be inspired and motivated by his vision.

4. The legacy of transformation leaders will create a line of mentor-protégés which leads innovative waves in the business.

5. Leaders arouse emotions toward their followers that motivate them to act beyond the framework of what may be described as exchange relations.

6. It forms new expectations in followers since leadership is proactive.

7. It motivates followers to work for their goals that certainly go beyond their self interest.

8. High productivity can be guaranteed in this kind of leadership theory.


However, there are drawbacks in this type of leadership theory.

1. This is likely based on the leader’s ability for inspiring the work force to put their best in whatever they do.

2. Thus, some leaders may not have such ability and force of character to enforce and achieve that.

3. Some leaders do not have this character and because of this, his leadership might be drawn in the edge.



Feb 28th, 2015

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Feb 28th, 2015
Feb 28th, 2015
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