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The two countries will be Mexico and Puerto Rico. Topic is your choice.

Select your topic and the way in which you want to complete your assignment.

Compare and contrast one of the following topics:

  • The importance of tourism in your selected countries
  • Description of a family vacation you would like to take in your selected countries

Select one of the following options to complete your assignment:

Write a 350-word paper.

Format and cite sources on a separate paper consistent with appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

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Final Answer

Hello! Here's the requested document, I attached the references on a separate document as requested. :) Please let me know of any edits needed.Remember to invite me in your next assignment too.

Compare and contrast: The importance of tourism in Mexico and Puerto Rico

Tourism in both countries is an economic activity of enormous importance, contributing to a
high percentage as regards the country's annual income. In Mexico, tourism has reached a high
degree of development as a result of the natural features that the country offers, these
characteristics highlight a rich history and a proliferation of natural landscapes of enormous
beauty. In addition, there is a policy in the country aimed at favoring this activity as much as
possible, making it easier f...

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