how would i survive off of four dollars from wednesday when i wake to sunday midnight, assignment help

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I have to go through a poverty walk. I am to write a 9-10 page reaction paper on how would i survive off of four dollars from wednesday when i wake to sunday midnight. So for each day i am to write a journal about how i would eat that day etc. Then for the last four pages i am to answer some questions about it.

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Surname 1

Reflection Paper
Going through poverty and being a hermit for five days was something I feared even
before I began the five-day journey. To have only $4.00 to spend in a single day and to ensure
that the amount was sufficient for my daily needs was scary. The rules created more boundaries
indicating the various challenges that those living in poverty undergo on a daily basis. The
poverty walk began on a Wednesday and ended on Sunday at midnight. The paper will offer a
detail description of my daily activities and spending and look at various aspects of life below
the poverty line.
DAY 1: Cautious Optimism
On Wednesday I woke up anxious and eager to walk on this new journey and I decided
that day I could skip breakfast. I took the bus to school that morning spending my first $0.75; I
was feeling motivated by my little morning spending. During lunch time was tempted to get my
favorite energy drink that cost me $ 1.00 but I thought not wise. At that moment was feeling a bit
worried about next few days with so little at my disposal? I spent $ 2.00 on lunch and had a
balance of $1.25. Keeping away from social media the entire day was not fun. I always like to
check my twitter handle during my breaks but what I never liked was not being able to e-mail. I
have friends that we share life ideas through email and not being able to send the emails was

Surname 1
interfering with set plans with the friends. Having little to spend was making me hungrier than
usual, I was already thinking about dinner yet what I had was so limited. I knew if I took the bus
I would not be able to eat anything decent for dinner, so I opted to walk home that evening. On
my way grabbed a Mcchicken at $1. I like delivery at the door step, but I was not ready to tip
anyone my last $0.25 that I hoped to make a call with later that evening. Dinner was delicious,
but I was still hungry from all the walking from school. I used the last 0.25 dollar to make a call
to the laundry matt and enquire about my laundry. I was now penniless and hungry, I felt
trapped, and I remember feeling overwhelmed by the whole situation.
DAY 2: Tough Choices
Woke up starving and tired, I typically don’t walk home from school, so I asked a friend
to pick me up that morning. We had breakfast at a dinner where I spent a $1.00 and I also gave
him $ 0.75 to cover the cost of transport. My balance was $ 2.25, and I thought today I could
only take a snack for lunch to have something left for the rest of the day’s activities. The lesson
took longer than usual as I was so focused on getting through the day than getting some
knowledge. I had a PE lesson that I wanted to skip as l did think I had the energy to get into any
physical activity. I looked frustrated, and my friends were the very concern and offered to buy
me a decent meal for lunch. It was as tempting as I was longing for a good meal to make the day
a little less gloomy...

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