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Assessment Instructions

Note: The assessments in this course are sequenced in such a way as to help you build specific skills that you will use throughout your program. Complete the assessments in the order in which they are presented.


Choose and conduct research on a company that you wish to focus on for this course. The company you choose should be of interest to you and have a robust social media presence that includes Facebook, Twitter, and at least one other social media platform.


Create a 1–2 page proposal, directed to the leadership of the organization that you chose, proposing that the company conduct an analysis of the organization's social media presence with the goal of seeing how the organization compares to the competition and how social media might help the organization to better meet its business goals. Make the proposal convincing; specifically, propose that you conduct this research, and write in a way that will convince your audience to approve your work on the project.

Include the following in the memo:

  • Describe the importance of social media to your company and industry.
  • Explain the dynamic nature of social media, including how it has evolved in the last few years and why it is important to be current in practice and execution.
  • Describe a social media practice or platform that is either emerging or very recent and being used effectively by another company.
  • Outline your plan and the resources that you will require to conduct a proper analysis. It should include the research of at least two competitors. As always, be sure to keep your audience in mind as you write this section.

Additional Requirements

Formatting: Format the document to look like a professional proposal. Use current APA style for all citations and references.
Length: Write 1–2 pages.
Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point, single spaced.
Resources: Use a minimum of 3 professional or academic resources to support your proposal, including in-text citations.

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Running head: SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYSIS PROPOSAL 1 Social Media Analysis Proposal Mandira Roychoudhury Capella University Copyright ©2016 Capella University. Copy and distribution of this document is prohibited. SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYSIS PROPOSAL 2 Proposal for The Board of Directors, Dunkin’ Donuts Developed by ABC Consultancy Date: May 19, 2016 Subject: Social Media Analysis Comment [A1]: Excellent job here. Any exec who didn’t think social media was important will after reading this. Summary The purpose of this proposal is to draw the attention of the company’s leadership toward the need to analyze the company’s social media presence to see where it stands compared to its competition and to understand how social media can help the company achieve its business Comment [RS2]: Nice intro, well written. The sentence is a bit long and might have been better divided into two, but overall well done. goals. Importance of Social Media In today’s digital era, businesses cannot afford to ignore social media. Social media has disrupted the traditional approach to marketing by providing simple and speedy tools to conduct surveys (the voice of customers) and post or tweet the voice of businesses. Marketing executives and brand custodians of companies in the food and beverages (F&B) industry are increasingly using popular networks to directly connect with the target audience—to obtain customers’ views, answer their queries, generate leads, and promote goods or services. To keep up with increasing competition, progressive companies are investing a lot of time and effort in devising effective strategies to leverage social media for achieving their business goals. Dunkin’ Donuts (DD) has been investing in social media since 2008 and has achieved significant success in its endeavors. It has made its brand presence felt by engaging its customers on several social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Pinterest, and YouTube (Cook, 2014). According to the Holmes Report (2011), in 2010, DD’s public relations agency and digital agency collaborated to create an aggressive social media campaign to differentiate DD from its competitors like Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Tim Hortons. The result was impressive: Comment [RS3]: Great content and writing here. But remember that paragraphs that are too long are daunting to readers and hard to read. Comment [A4]: Well done, you described D&D’s use very well. SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYSIS PROPOSAL 3 the number of followers of DD’s Twitter account increased by 70% and the number of Facebook fans increased by more than 50%, surpassing 2.9 million. Current Trend in Social Media Platforms Social media is extremely dynamic in nature. In the last few years, social media has evolved significantly. Thousands of social media platforms have cropped up, each offering valuable services. Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr were introduced in the late 2000s and still boast of a massive user base. Photo sharing sites like Instagram and Photobucket are gaining popularity with the younger generation. Businesses nowadays are including their social media addresses on their websites and commercials (Terrel, 2015). The use of social media as part of a company’s marketing strategy has seen a significant increase in the past couple of years. As new trends in social media keep emerging, companies need to keep revising their marketing strategy. Companies that do not keep up with the new trends risk losing their customers’ interest and loyalty. According to Beese (2016), real-time engagement is a current social media trend that companies are following to stay ahead of their competitors. Real-time engagement is the ability to engage and reply in real time to customers’ complaints. It is a key strategy to keep customers involved and satisfied with quicker responses to their complaints and comments. According to Search Engine Watch (2013), around 70% of Twitter users expect a response from the brand they are interacting with and 53% want a response in less than an hour. Dunkin’ Donuts has a very active Twitter handle that receives a lot of tweets from its consumers. If consumer complaints are not dealt with in time, DD could alienate a lot of its loyal customers. Hence, the company has to be quick to respond while showing empathy toward the customers. Comment [A5]: Great job on the proposal; nice format and well written. This sentence was great, “Social media is extremely dynamic in nature.” This gives one good reason why even if D&D is using social media it still needs to be looked at regularly. SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYSIS PROPOSAL 4 Rationale for Analyzing DD’s Social Media Presence Dunkin’ Donuts has been doing a phenomenal job since its first foray on social media. However, some of its social media channels have not received the same amount of attention as its other channels. According to a study by Ratcliff (2014), DD is performing well on Facebook, Twitter, Vine, and Instagram; however, it is doing above average work with Google+ and not very well on Tumblr. Considering that Tumblr has a large youth demographic that is growing fast, DD might be missing out on a significant customer base. Another study by Lavoie (2015) found that even though DD has established a strong brand presence on Instagram, it has failed to create a people-oriented image because it hardly used photos, videos, or text to represent its followers or engage them. A comparison of DD with its biggest rival, Starbucks, by Champagne & Iezzi (2014) showed that DD has just over 697,000 Twitter followers and 12 million Facebook fans, while Starbucks has around 6.53 million Twitter followers and over 37 million Facebook fans. This substantial gap between the two spells danger for DD and has to be addressed effectively and efficiently in the minimum possible time. Proposed Study It is imperative for DD to revise its social media marketing strategy if it wants to beat its competitors. A thorough analysis of DD’s social media presence needs to be conducted to understand where the company stands compared to its competitors in the F&B industry and what its areas of improvement are. The research should also cover the online presence of its closest and biggest competitors on all the social media sites. To conduct the analysis, the following would be required:  Access to the company’s social media sites using the office IT network;  Availability of tools, such as Hootsuite and Google Analytics; Comment [A6]: Nice plan! Good job listing clear bullets that make sense for moving forward. SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYSIS PROPOSAL 5  Names of the company’s closest rivals;  Access to research data of at least two of its competitors’ social media presence; and  Support from an in-house person familiar with the company’s “digital” presence. The study will approximately need four weeks. After a review with the top management, the report can be submitted for devising the appropriate digital strategy. This can pave the way for DD topping the charts in social media usage and regaining a stronghold in the F&B industry. Comment [A7]: Great job! Normally I’d say this should end in a conclusion – most writing should – but this section the way that you did it is perfect. SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYSIS PROPOSAL 6 References Beese, J. (2016). 6 social media trends that will take over 2016. Retrieved from Champagne, C. & Iezzi, T. (2014). Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks: A tale of two coffee marketing giants. Retrieved from Cook, A. (2014). Dunkin’ Donuts: Push and pull marketing strategies [Social media scholar]. Retrieved from Lavoie, K.A. (2015). Instagram and branding: A case study of Dunkin’ Donuts. Elon University. Retrieved from Lee, J. (2013). Brands expected to respond within an hour on Twitter. Search Engine Watch. Retrieved from Ratcliff, C. (2014). How delectable is Dunkin’ Donuts’ social media strategy? Retrieved from Terrel, K. (2015). The history of social media. History Cooperative. Retrieved from The Holmes Report (2011). America runs on Dunkin’; Dunkin’ runs on social media. Retrieved from Comment [RS8]: Great job supporting your work with APA formatted citations and references. ...
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Final Answer

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Running Head: PROPOSAL





Proposal for the Aetna Healthcare Company in utilizing social media as a platform for its
business activities
The Aetna Healthcare Company has in the past utilized the use of social media in its
operations. The company has thus succeeded in creating awareness of a large group of
consumers including new ones (In Plangger, 2016). However, the company has not fully utilized
the social media in meeting all its goals and a result, it would be of importance to
take social media as a platform that can make the company achieve its goals and objectives.
Social media forms a platform within which marketing has become successful for most
companies. The different sites provide an organization with a large number of customers. On the
other hand, the sites allow the people to share adverts and other information related to the
organizational activities. As a result, information will move fast to different parts of the world
(SCSM (Conference), In Meiselwitz, & International Co...

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