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Briefly Discuss Truth 6 thru 10 from the text. For example:

Truth 6 - your discussion

Truth 7 - your discussion and so on - thru Truth 10

from this book

* Kouzes, James M., and Posner, Barry Z. (2010). The Truth about Leadership: The No- Fads, Heart-of-the-Matter Facts You Need to Know. San Francisco: Jossey- Bass, A Wiley Imprint. ISBN 0-470-63354-0.

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Truth 6: Trust Rules

Discussion: If we want to rely on a person, then we need to trust him. If we are working in a
team, then we need to trust our teammates to do better in the group. Communicating with anyone
such as friends or strangers, we still need to trust somewhat in order to experience their thoughts.
Most importantly, we have to trust our...

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