Pre-final Exam- Human Resources course (50 questions)

Dec 1st, 2013
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I'm doing my HR course as part of my MBA , I faced those multiple choice questions in the pre-final exam, I did not find answers for most of them, and more importantly I'm trying to know from where those questions were gathered. For instance, I assume they are selected from a test bank for a particular book.

You can help by one of the following:

  1. Answer those questions and citing your sources (which book you used to answer those questions)
  2. Or , just share the original test bank of those questions (if applicable)

----------------------------- Questions ----------------------------------------------

1. Which of the following statements about long-term disability protection is true?

It covers both work- and nonwork-related injuries

It becomes effective once an employee’s sick-leave benefits expire

It is integrated with Social Security benefits

It expires after 26 weeks of disability

2. The strategies and practices of competitors have a major direct impact on_____.

Controlling resources

Strategy formulation

Organization restructuring

Reengineering of operations

3. For many years, an electronics company has used financial measurements such as the balance sheet and the income statement to plan and measure organizational performance. What is the benefit of implementing the balanced scorecard approach?

It provides feedback around both internal business processes and external outcomes

It enables companies to save money on accounting personnel and practices

It drops financial measurement in favor of more process-oriented measurement

It eliminates the need to share financial information with managers

4. Which of the following statements concerning employee job satisfaction is false?

Unsatisfied employees are absent more often than satisfied employees

Satisfied employees are not automatically more productive

Unsatisfied employees quit more often than satisfied employees

Satisfied employees always perform better on quantitative measures

5. Job analysis questionnaires tend to fall into one of two classes. What are the classes?

Quantitative and qualitative

Prefabricated and tailored

Group administered and individually administered

Computerized and noncomputerized

6. Which of the following is a method of linking KSAs and job tasks in which every KSA is paired with every task?

Having an analyst list job tasks associated with each KSA

KSA rating matrix

Job task rating matrix

A job/task/KSA template

7. Which of the following occupational injuries must be recorded in the OSHA 300 Log?

A rash that comes from a weekend picnic

A fall that results in loss of consciousness

An employee's hearing test that changes slightly

A minor laceration requiring first aid

8. According to Blake-Mouton’s behavioral leadership theory, a manager who delegates all tasks and does not exercise any authority over the team is what kind of manager?

Team leader

Impoverished manager

Task manager

Country club manager

9. A warehouse distribution organization has been concentrating on coaching and developing its employees. The manager of the marketing department does not change his leadership style, but rather changes the factors surrounding a situation to manage the marketing department employees. Which theory is the marketing manager exhibiting?

Blake-Mouton's managerial theory

Transformational leadership theory

Hersey-Blanchard's situational theory

Fiedler's contingency theory

10. Which of the following would constitute an unfair labor practice on the part of management under the Wagner Act?

Refusal to bargain

Subcontracting bargaining unit work

Failure to reinstate economic strikers

Charging excessive union dues

11. Relative deprivation theory suggests that pay dissatisfaction is a function of_____.

High expectations for the future

No discrepancy between what employees want and what they get

A feeling of not being personally responsible for poor results

Present expectations of receiving more rewards

12. An Affirmative Action Plan must include:

Reasonable accommodations for disabled workers

Plan auditing procedures

The qualifications of the EEO coordinator

A plan to retain older workers

13. A mature software organization is planning to launch a new product line to satisfy its largest customer base. How can HR link its actions with the organization’s strategy?

Understand the plan through a SWOT analysis and study of the planned product line launch

Stabilize the research and development workforce through high technology sourcing and retention policies

Complete an environmental scan through a solid understanding of the organization and the competition

Stabilize the entire organization through solid implementation of department policies and procedures

14. A small organization wants a job evaluation that shows a relative worth hierarchy but is not interested in the proportionate worth of jobs. What job evaluation method would be simple and inexpensive for this organization?

Factor comparison



Market-based comparison

15. Most call centers have a very high turnover rate, more than twice the average of most industries. Organizations with call centers also have a fixed labor budget. For these types of organizations, what has been the best retention strategy to use?

Instituting a bonus program

Creating a dual career ladder

Instituting greater worker autonomy

Conducting a comparable pay analysis

16. In the US v Georgia Power case_____.

An organization must prove that individual cannot perform a job in disability cases

Selection tests must be job-related if disparate impact results

Cases focusing on subjective selection devices (e.g., interviews and judgments) could be heard as disparate impact cases

Validation must reflect selection decision practices

17. Decentralization of staff functions would be recommended for an organization that requires:

Local adaptability and decision making

Contractual negotiations with external agents

Extensive collaboration among operating units

Knowledgeable customer service and sales representatives

18. A manager is upset because an employee often takes opposing sides in discussions. The manager tells the employee's coworkers that the employee is a "dishonest backstabber," and the employee overhears the remark. Can the employee prevail in a lawsuit on the basis of this remark?

Yes, if the employee can prove that the statement was false and was made with malice

No, because no adverse action was taken by the manager

Yes, the employee can sue for verbal abuse

No, the manager is entitled to his opinion of the employee

19. When employers drug test current employees, which three policies do they generally use?

(1) random testing of everyone at periodic intervals, (2) testing only in cases of probable cause, or (3) testing after accidents whether or not the accident results in injury

(1) random testing of everyone at periodic intervals, (2) testing only when consequences of the abuse are severe enough that they outweigh privacy concerns, or (3) testing after accidents

(1) random testing of everyone at periodic intervals, (2) testing only if accurate test procedures are available, or (3) testing when written consent of the employee is obtained

(1) Employer offers a complete drug program, including an employee assistance program, (2) testing only in cases of probable cause, or (3) testing after accidents

20. A manufacturing organization’s office employees are arriving late to work on a consistent basis. A focus group survey is conducted, and it appears that the employees’ morning commute has changed significantly due to highway construction and the opening of new businesses. Which is the best strategy the organization should use to correct the problem?

Enforce the tardiness policy consistently

Establish a telecommuting policy

Introduce a job rotation plan to broaden the scope of the job

Introduce a flextime policy with bandwidth hours

21. An organization's employee handbook states that tardiness can be punished by "docking" pay. The organization has both unionized and nonunionized employees, and the collective bargaining agreement includes a formal process before employees can be punished economically for infractions. How is this rule enforced?

The formal process must be applied to both unionized and nonunionized employees

The policy is not enforceable because of the disparity in treatment

The policy applies to nonunion employees only

The policy supercedes the contract

22. Although each individual and each career will be different, it is reasonable to assume that esteem and self-actualization would be the most important needs in what phase of their career?





23. An employee complains to the HR manager that he is having problems breathing during his workday because of so much dust in the air. Under OSHA regulations this would be an example of a_____.

Environmental hazard

Work hazard

Health hazard

Safety hazard

24. Once the organization’s objectives are specified, communicated, and understood by all affected, the human resource unit should_____.

Conduct job analyses

Create an affirmative action program

Create a marketing information system

Specify its objectives with regard to human resource utilization in the organization

25. The union members in an organization have decided to go on strike. What should the vice president of HR do regarding the wages of the striking employees?

Forward wages to the state's unemployment board

Ensure that paychecks are issued as usual

Set aside wages for back pay

Not pay striking employees

26. An employee's manager wishes to move her to a different and less desirable job. The employee accuses her manager of discrimination (she is a member of a protected category and believes that her disparate treatment is occurring as a result). What would you remind the manager of in this situation?

Once a court rules that a preliminary case has been made, the burden of proof shifts to the employer

The employer must prove that the move was necessary to improve organizational operations

At all times the employer is prohibited from retaliating against the individual who filed discrimination charges

The employer must show the treatment is justified and reasonably necessary as a “bona fide occupational qualification"

27. What is the best way to evaluate an emergency response plan?

Ask for insurance company input

Have the plan reviewed by FEMA

Conduct a crisis drill

Compare the plan to the previous plan

28. Which of the following is prohibited by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

Discrimination on the basis of pregnancy

Discrimination on the basis of sex

Discrimination on the basis of bona fide occupational qualification

Discrimination on the basis of color

29. What is the relationship between corporate and functional strategies?

Corporate strategy drives functional strategy

Functional strategy is not important to some departments

Corporate strategy is important and functional strategy is not

Functional strategy is always the first step in the planning process

30. A private-sector company requires all of its employees to sign contracts containing a clause that mandates that all claims will be settled by final and binding arbitration before a neutral arbitrator. Can an employee bypass arbitration and file a discrimination suit against the employer?

Yes, if the employee and the employer can't agree on arbitration

No, employment arbitration agreements are enforceable only if they are signed after a particular dispute arises

No, unless the employer waives the arbitration requirement

Yes, but if the court finds that the particular arbitration clause is fair, it will order the employee to go to arbitration

31. Organizational factors affect the appraisal system. Three factors that are especially important are:

Organizational strategy, functional strengths, and departmental budgets

Communication, open-door policy, and management attitudes

Management procedures, compensation system, and career development

Leadership style, organizational climate, and training

32. Your subordinate comes to you with a complaint of stress and burn-out with excessive work load and work hours. Which solution would be the most effective?

Provide them with more control over their responsibilities

Monitor their performance on an unscheduled basis

Reduce the amount of supervision and feedback you are delivering

Schedule more work breaks during the day to relieve stress

33. If predicted internal supply of labor exceeds predicted demand of labor, which action might follow?

Extensive college recruitment

Early retirement package offering

External recruitment

Labor force retraining

34. Which of the following situations violates the ERISA standards for pension funds?

Employees are required to have a minimum of 15 months of service before they can participate in their employer’s defined benefit plan

Employees become fully vested after five years of service

An employer’s plan excludes employees under age 21, regardless of how long they have worked for the organization

Employees are allowed to transfer their accrued pension funds to another employer’s plan

35. Why are promotion decisions often viewed as a different HR function than selection?

Different people make selection decisions than those making promotion decisions

Entirely different procedures are used for promotion than for selection

Promotion decisions are often reached without using the formal testing devices that characterize external selection

More information is available about applicants in selection decisions than is available about candidates for promotion decisions

36. An assembly line manager requests training for a recently promoted assistant manager. The assistant manager appears to be having difficulty managing the department staff and planning production schedules. What is the first step you should take?

Send the assistant manager to a leadership development course

Send the assistant manager back to the assembly line for a week

Find a mentor for the assistant manager

Obtain the perspective of the assistant manager

37. During an exit interview, an employee comments, "I'm fed up with the conditions around here. And I'm not the only one who feels that way." What would be an appropriate organizational reaction?

Discuss the comments with the employee's supervisor

Thoroughly assess attitude throughout the organization

Accept this as an individual reaction from an unhappy employee

Conduct a compensation survey and analyze the organization's wage structures

38. If an employee, as a result of complaining to his supervisor over a promotion test, resigned because working conditions became intolerable, this would be called___.

Progressive discipline discharge

Constructive discharge

At-will discharge

Retaliatory discharge

39.Which of the following onboarding activities would be the best way to help a management new hire understand and navigate the cultural and political landscape of the organization during the first 90 days on the job?

Foster organizational relationships and provide frequent opportunities for open discussions

Assign meaningful work as soon as possible and clearly communicate responsibilities

Provide training on internal systems and general operating practices

Regularly assess professional development goals and formally track progress

40. Job analysis provides answers to questions such as:

How much should an individual be paid?

Which candidate should be hired for a position?

Does discrimination exist in the hiring process?

What kind of behaviors are needed to perform a job?

41. Research suggests that the performance review should be a mutual discussion and take how much time?

60 minutes long

Less than 10 minutes

30 minutes long

2 hours in duration

42. Top management is responsible for developing and communicating a vision, then building organization-wide commitment to its achievement through_____.

Mission development

Policy deployment

Quality deployment

Value development

43. A company requires job applicants who are applying for a position in their distribution center to take a lifting test. Test results are consistent and the test measures what it is intended to measure. The is test is considered:

Both reliable and valid

Neither reliable nor valid

Valid but not reliable

Reliable but not valid

44. Which of the following characteristics is most important for an HR professional evaluating an organization’s compensation and benefits system?

An understanding of the current and emerging workforce

Knowledge regarding competitors

The ability to understand the organizational culture

An understanding of current state and federal laws

45. The uniform guidelines in Employee Selection Procedures requires organizations to keep information about the demographic characteristics of applicants and hires. These records must be kept for which groups?

Only those groups that constitute at least 1% of the relevant labor market

Only those groups that constitute at least 3% of the relevant labor market

Only those groups that constitute at least 2% of the relevant labor market

All groups

46. Which of the following focuses on the use of job design and is an excellent example of the rational approach, showing how certain perspectives focus more heavily on productivity than on satisfaction.

F. W. Taylor's model of scientific management

Mayo's essay on motivation

Frederic Herzberg's two-factor

Ivoncevich's multifactor theory

47. The most logical progression of the collective bargaining process is which of the following?

Preparations, negotiations, compromise, settlement, and mediation/arbitration

Preparations, compromise, negotiations, settlement, and mediation/arbitration

Negotiations, compromise, settlement, preparations, and mediation/arbitration

Negotiations, preparations, compromise, settlement, and mediation/arbitration

48. An HR professional would develop a business case to_____.

Help senior management choose a competitive strategy

Train the organization’s managers and supervisors in applying ethical guidelines to workplace situations

Secure budget and resources for a proposed project

Report on the success of an HR strategic initiative

49. Considering the influence of technological developments, which of the following statements concerning the business world is true ?

Employees' work will become easier, but business processes will not change

Companies will look to hire qualified workers instead of investing in their training

Organizations will provide 24-hour service to their customers

The European Union will be far ahead of the US in e-commerce utilization

50. After conducting a reference background check, HR discovers that a leading candidate misrepresented dates of previous employment both on the résumé and the job application. What is the most probable outcome of learning this information?

Ask for references about the employee’s professionalism

Do not extend an offer of employment

Conduct a credit history check with a consumer reporting agency

Check criminal records for felonies or misdemeanors

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