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Oct 20th, 2017

a. ATCG goes under DNA 

b.AUCG goes under RNA 

c. Doube stranded goes under DNA 

d, Single stranded goes under RNA 

e. Sugar , phosphate , nitrogen base goes under BOTH( RNA & DNA )

f. Deoxyribose sugar goes under DNA 

g. Ribose sugar goes under RNA 

h, In nucleus of a cell goes under DNA 

i. Throughout the cell goes under RNA 

j. Builiding blocks are nucleotides goes under BOTH( DNA & RNA )

{ DNA and RNA are made up of monomers called nucleotides.}

any further explantion required message me 

Mar 2nd, 2015

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Oct 20th, 2017
Oct 20th, 2017
Oct 21st, 2017
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