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Exam IV (Chapters 11-14)

For this exam you will write one essay on a broad question:

How do you see societies from the Mediterranean to East Asia changing in Chapters 11-14? Consider how ideas and cultural interactions from this era have contributed to our world.

To answer the question, please do one of these options:

Option I: Standard essay with about 3.5 pages of writing. Pictures are encouraged but not required in this option. If you use pictures, what you write about the pictures can count toward the 3.5 pages.

Option II: Illustrated essay with about 2.5 pages of writing and at least 5 pictures. In this option, please make sure the pictures and the writing work closely together and reinforce each other.

Use information related to the reading handouts for Chapter 11-14. You will need about 2-3 key terms from each chapter. Key terms are in bold on the reading handouts. You may also use the Intro to Part 3, where the authors make fascinating observations about Postclassical Societies.

You may also use material from our small book about the Silk Roads or from the recommended supplemental materials in the Websites and Videos section on Blackboard.

When you use key terms from the reading handouts please put them in bold or highlight them. To use a handout question that doesn't have any bold, highlight or make bold a few words from the question.

Please write in short to medium-sized paragraphs (generally five sentences or less per paragraph).

In your first paragraph, please provide an introduction with a general statement about the broad changes you are discussing in your essay. Mention one or more key aspects of society (such as philosophy, government, trade, or artistic expression) that you choose to emphasize.

In your last paragraph, provide a conclusion to tie the essay together. Give the reader one or two insights to walk away with. Tell how the material enriches our lives or helps us understand our world.

Feel free to write extra or use extra pictures if this could add value to your essay. I sometimes give over 100% on exams. I encourage you to do your best work within a time frame reasonable for you.

My work is attached, and I need you to look forward at this comment: I hope you can finish the essay. It would help a great deal to work in more material from Chs 12-14. You make a great point about Wuzhoa, but your have her squashed in between key points about Rome. It would help to note she was an empress in China.

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Running head: Broad Changes 1 Ragdan Hameed Professor George Gastil History 100 (Exam 4) July 07, 2016 Running head: Broad Changes 2 BROAD CHANGES Governments being a body with powers which enables it to set policies for a country as well as exercise political & executive powers via institutions as well as laws put in place by the citizens of a country has experienced broad changes over time. These changes are essential since, a government is very important in the present day in facilitating the general development of a country. The government is tasked with enormous duties of ensuring its citizens’ concerns who usually elect them into office as well as foreign relations are taken care off. One of the broad changes that has occurred over time is election of presidents of a country to be in charge of the government. This change could be traced back to the Mediterranean society. In the Mediterranean society, there existed​ Patricians​ who were mandated to serve a one term period. The patricians in the Mediterranean society served as senators. The senate positions have experienced broad changes over time in the sense that in the present government the senate is elected by the citizens as opposed to being determined by their birth right. The second broad change that has occurred in the government system is the presence of presidential position in the government. This position has experienced broad historical changes when compared to the Mediterranean society in which it was held by ​paterfamilias​. In this society, the paterfamilias acted as presidents of the family in which they were granted power by the law to perform certain duties. With time changes have been experienced in that in the present-day presidents are the ones granted certain powers to carry out certain duties. The third broad change that has occurred over time in the governmental system is the role played by government in ensuring equality for all. This could be traced back to the Running head: Broad Changes 3 Mediterranean society in which the fight for equality for all was left to the ​Gracchi brothers. They are amongst the first people to fight for equality by ensuring that the then resource which was land was equally divided among all citizens. Broad changes have occurred over time and that role has been mandated to the government to ensure equal distribution of resources. Another broad change that has occurred over time in the government system is the presence of women in leadership positions. This broad change that has occurred over time could be attributed to ​Wuzhao ​who was amongst the first women to have leadership roles in society. Over time, perceptions about the ability of women to handle leadership roles have changed and this could be attributed to WUzhao who showed that women can as well make excellent leaders when given a chance. Another broad change that has occurred over time in the governmental system in the coming up of strategic places upon which governmental institutions reside. This could be attributed to ​Cathage ​which was a strategic place in the Mediterranean exhibiting political power being attributed to the fact that most of those holding power full positions in the Mediterranean society resided there. The broad change could be attributed to the availability of places like Washington I the USA. The seventh broad change in the governmental system that has occurred over time is the role played by government in bringing development in a country as well as the names given to government projects. This change could be attributed to the naming of the ​silk road​ that was given the name in relation to the goods that were being traded on the road, that is silk. The change that has occurred over time is the way governments name their projects based on what Running head: Broad Changes 4 they anticipate the projects will serve the citizens of is country. Another change that has occurred in the governmental system is the way it handles its citizens freedom of worship. This could be traced back to ​Kaba ​which was the name given to a place of worship in which people could gather to worship their most supreme being. Over time this has changed to right in that every citizen that resides in a country that upholds the universal law has freedom of worship, in that they can gather in a place of worship without fear of being condemned. Another broad change in the government system that has occurred over time is the way good presidents are being elected. This could be related to ​TangTaizong ​who are ancient leaders to whom past success in the Mediterranean society could be attributed to. Over time the way leaders who bring about change in a country are being elected into office as well being pressured to bring about change has evolved. This is so since, unlike TangTaizong who had no pressure to bring about success to their people through development, presidents are being pressured by citizens to ensure they bring about success to their country. Running head: Broad Changes 5 References Hort, S. (2014). ​Social policy, welfare state, and civil society in Sweden. Vol. 1 & 2​. Lund: Arkiv Förlag. ...
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Broad Changes in Government

A government is tasked with enormous duties, which include security, foreign
relations, public service, economic prosperity, and social reforms. As such, a government
exercises executive and political power through customs, institutions, and laws within a
state. Due to the complexity of governing, important broad changes in government have
occurred. These changes are numerous and significant to the historical development of

The Concepts of Government

To better understand these broad changes, it is necessary to look at the
achievements of the ancient Mediterranean and Asian societies to fully appreciate their
impact on modern government. For example, in Mediterranean society there existed the
roles of Patricians and Paterfamilias. These roles in the ancient govern...

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