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Two boxes are seen to accelerate at the same rate when a force 3F is applied to the first and F is applied to the second. What is the mass ratio of the boxes?

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Mar 3rd, 2015

f = ma

solving for a the equation is:

a = f/m

so f/m for the first mass is:


f/m for the second mass is:


these two are equal

1force/2ndmass =3 force/1stmass

cross multiply:

(1force)(1stmass) = (3force)(2ndmass)

divide force on both sides:

(1)(1stmass) = 6mass

The second box is 6 times as massive.


Mar 3rd, 2015

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Mar 3rd, 2015
Mar 3rd, 2015
Aug 23rd, 2017
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