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I'm working on a management discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Yesterday we discussied about avoid using slangs and jargon when you communicate with people from different cultures amd languages. 

one of the idioms that we used in chapter two is (wishy washy). What do you think the meaning of this idiom( without using any sort of help e.g google)?

after your write the meaning, go and look for the meaning from google or any dictionary. 

Was the meaning the same as what you expected?

Share with us one of the idioms, slangs, or jargons you have ever heared and their meanings?

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View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.

According to your discussion, you addressed idioms, slang, and jargon. Please find the definition and
example of each below:
Idiom: A short phrase with its specific meaning. Example: A taste of your own medicine, butterflies in my
Slang: is an informal language found in a particular place. Example: cool, dude, chick.
Jargon: is an inside language of words used by a particular group of people or professionals. Example:
software, mouse, and download.
Now to answer what you were asked, please find the answers below:
Wishy washy: when you want or wish things to be done for you instead of doing it yourself.
The idiom ‘wishy washy’ means lacking in strength of character or purpose, ineffective, lacking in
decisiveness, without strength or character, irresolute. Synonyms are namby-pamby, spineless, gutless,
and weak.
One of the idioms I have heard is Break a leg. This idiom means to wish someone luck, especi...

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