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Directions: Please do the following peer response sequence for each of the peers in your group. Your comments to your peers will be the driving force of the group conferences, with my comments coming after, so please be thorough and ready to discuss your suggestions. Also, this process might take a while, but consider the time you put into your peer responses a substitute for an entire week of canceled classes.

Step 1: Open up the attached rubric and see the criteria you’ll be focusing on for this peer response. Group Conference Rubric.docx 

Step 2: Read through your peer’s paper, keeping in mind the rubric. Make comments using track changes if you see something from the rubric that needs addressing. Focus more on higher order concerns, like content, analysis, structure and flow; grammar-wise, only mark sentences that you don’t understand at all. If there’s an awkward sentence, either write “clarify” in a comment box, or underline it and your peer can do the “fixing up.”

Step 3: Once you’ve read through the paper and commented in the margins, step back and summarize your suggestions in the right column of the rubric. This will help you (and your peer) to make sense of your marginal comments.

Step 4: Repeat with next peer’s paper and so on.

Dream Research Paper Draft 1.doc6. Draft.docx

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