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1.  Describe strategic alliances and why they are important in marketing. Give an example using either real or fictitious companies.

2.  Define the concept of a stakeholder as it relates to marketing. Using Saint Leo as an example, identify three specific types of stakeholders and briefly describe why each is a stakeholder in the university.

3.  Define the terms Feature and Benefit and explain the difference between them, including how each functions in a marketing or communication plan. Give an example of each for a specific product.

4.  What concept in product management does the image below represent? Briefly describe the concept and the role it plays in marketing. Identify each of the five phases and describe the typical marketing activities that might occur during each phase.

5.  In our discussion of Integrated Marketing Communications we identified four major types. Describe each of these and provide an example of each to promote Saint Leo's graduation ceremony.

6.  In the slides discussing Product Management we identified four unique qualities of services. Describe each of these and provide a specific detailed example of each.

7.  We discussed the bell curve that represents the types of consumer adopters. Describe each of these including the approximate percent of the consumer base each represents. Using specific products give an example of each.

8.  We discussed in some detail the nature and application of a SWOT analysis. Briefly define the four elements, tell me if they are internal or external to the firm, and give me an example of each using Saint Leo.

9.  Briefly describe the concept of a supply chain and provide a specific example. You may not use any of the examples used in the class.

10.  There are three types of potential influences on the consumer buying process. Identify each of these and give a specific example.

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