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SOCIAL WORK VALUES Khaled AlShammari Social Work Social work refers to activities that are carried out by professionals or trained individuals with the aim of lifting the living standards of a community (Reamer, 2013). Social work can be done by individuals or by organizations or even charity groups. It is evident that social work is not a new thing, but it has been around since the 19th century when the charity organization societies would visit the needy, help them out and also sensitize them on how to work hard and come out of the situation they were in. Even with such a long history, social work values remain the same to date, and social workers are expected to observe them whenever carrying out activities in the community (Reamer, 2013). Workers should be willing to offer service voluntarily because this will make them execute the work in the possible best way. Also, these individuals should exercise social justice in that they will give the help to the people who deserve it and in equal terms. In no time should a social work show disparity or seem to favor some individuals or groups. It goes without saying that the social work is done in the society where the occupants have their values and beliefs, and so the individuals carrying out the activities should at all time strive to access information on the society. This ensures that there are no conflicts when interacting with the people. In addition to this, the workers should work hard to have very competent communication skills that will help them deal with the different kind of people they meet in the field. Lastly, social workers should have good moral values that are not questionable at any time. This helps them when carrying out their duties in that people have faith in them and whatever they are doing (Reamer, 2013). Substance Use and Addiction For clients who present with co-occurring disorders and misuse of multiple substances, the social work treatment field is shifting to a more holistic approach. Health care reform in the United States is encouraging integrated and integrative treatment by linking treatment for addiction and other behavioral health conditions into primary care practices and federally qualified health centers (Quanbeck et al.. 2014). Consequently, social workers will be required to have the skills and knowledge to provide treatment for substance use disorders and additional co-occurring mental health disorders simultaneously. the endangerment of others, professionals must intervene. A professional social worker is responsible for reporting cases when he or she sees that children are at risk for maltreatment. due to a parent's addiction problem, or senses that adults might attempt or complete suicide. / TIME TO THINK Imagine that someone in your family or a close friend has a substance use disorder or addiction. You are sensitive to this person's rights as a human being but also aware of the physiological, SUPPORTIVE ENVIRONMENT The physical place where people live, geographically, affects their initiation into drug use. To ameliorate the effects of environmental factors, social workers can serveon planning boards that make decisions about where drug rehabilitation centers will be located. They can also advocate for uninsuredclients to gain access to integrated community health centers. Additionally, one's place of residence influences potential access to substance abuse services. City dwellers may be close to teaching hospitals, clinics, and addiction treatment facilities. Residents in rural areasmay haveextremely limited access to such services. HUMAN NEEDS AND RIGHTS People need and deserve respect and acceptance, despite their substance use disorder. People with substance abuse problems need to know that drug abuse and addiction is a disease and not a character defect. Professionalsocial workers play vital roles in helping family members understand What the detoxification and recovery processesareall about and what will likely happen to their relative who requires medical treatment by physicians and follow-up meetings with a school. the courts, or other personnel. At the same time, people being treated for substance abuse and addiction have the right to know that over the long term, drug abuse and addiction will likely result in physical harm, behavioral problems, and association with other people who also abuse drugs. Along with human rights, personal risk requires consideration. Nevertheless, social workers need to acknowledge that people have the right to go uninsured, abuse over-theCOunter drugs, or refuse to take antidepressantmedications, if they want to, However, when people's poor choices risk mental, and social consequences of his or her behavior. You have already tried hard 10 help. AI whal poinl would you decide nollo try any longer? POLITICALACCESS legalizing drugs in the United States is far from an innovative idea. Consider how long public debates have been addressing the legalization of performance enhancing drugs in sports. lance Armstrong's case, for instance, forces us to consider a philosophical problem that torments those who love watching Tour de Francebicyclists and MLB (Major league Baseball) and NFL (National Football League) players. Promoters, sponsors, leagues,and advertisers all dangle incentives for athletes who can reach record-breaking performances. Debatesalso focus on how to handle border police responsible for catching drug dealers at the Mexican border. Politicians and scholars, including social workers, have for decades articulated arguments to legalize or decriminalize drugs; however, they have failed to address the issue of drug trafficking and the rise of international markets for illegal drugs (jenner. 20 I I). The NASW (2013) Social Justice Brief titled "A Social Work Perspectiveon Drug Policy Reform: Public Health Approach" remindssocial workers that they are integrally involved with the criminaljustice servicedelivery continuum and should therefore serveas "stakeholdersin the national movement to bring about reforms in how drug-related offenses are processed" (p. I; see also Gorin, 2001). This brief also states that by virtue of social work's historical advocacy for people with limited resources and no political power, social workers must be involved in drug policy reform. In addition to advocacy, social work professionals areresponsiblefor conducting objective research and studying the pros and cons of legalization, as well as noncoercive methods to prevent drug abuse. 220 PART 2 Responding to Need YOUR CAREER IN TREATMENT FOR SUBSTANCE USE AND ADDICTION Job growth for substance abuse social workers is expected to be much higher than the average for all careers through 2020, This increase is partly thanks to new laws that send drug users to treatment programs instead of jail (Peterneli-Iaylor. 2008), Employment growth will also be driven by an increased overall need for health care, Returning veterans with mental disorders such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are at risk of drinking more alcohol to cope with their stresses: Veterans Affairs may consequently increase job opportunities for mental health and substance use social workers, Additionally. a surprising number of baby boomers are abusing not only alcohol but also illicit drugs such as cocaine. heroin. and marijuana (Reardon. 2012), Social workers have a role to play in counseling some baby boomers who have long "experimented" with drugs and are now experiencing the stresses of transitioning into older adulthood, Aging baby boomers may also need to be updated on recent research into the mechanisms and consequences of using these drugs, Regardless of the population being served or the setting in which treatment takes place. social workers should become familiar with the programs of SAMHSA. SAMHSA disseminates national data on the characteristics of people admitted into treatment and their substance abuse problems, Substance use social workers also benefit clients greatly when they possess a working knowledge of psychopharmacology and keep up-to-date with the vocabulary that describes a plethora of mind-altering substances. Understanding this new terminology. as well as neuroscience and the dynamics of co-occurring substance use. abuse. addiction. and dependence. is essential to effective practice. SUMMARY Determination, patience, and courage are the anI th· y . mgs needed to Improve any situation. -Peter Sinclair Substance abuse disorder and addiction is a chrcni di , Add" ff rc rsease of circuitr . th b ' IC~lon a eets neurotransmission and thus the ability of those who h Y In e .ram related to reward, motivation, and memory. especially when they are under the influence. Therefore it is . I avethe disorder to control their own substance use the neurobiology of addiction. ' crucia that substance use social wo rkers possess an un d ers ta'ndinq of Recovery from substance abuse is a lifelong jour P , I t k' d f ney. eople In reo a mos any ~n "0 stressor. Social workers must be aware of how sub overy require support lest relapse occur as a response to the cl.tomm IUfnttylndSOmany ways, including loss of work, impaired PhySS, Ian I ce abuse affects and costs the person the family, and qua ISy 0 ca or mental health.! • b I e, , Increased crime and violence, reduce d f an more~ u stance use social workers collaborate with m It'd' . , h th u I Isclphnaryte psyc a0unierapy, access to, treatment programs.unc and ne hi' p With drug·r ltdamsto offer people with subst ance abuse problems have a~~::sUt:;:~:~I~:;~:~';1 se~\otfer the multidisciplinaryteam.T:e; ~o:~~blel~s in relationships and life. Social work professionals of tz-step principles and chanqe °rw-up community services,and oHer hope.~kille person Intheir environment, advocate for timely p ocesses help social workers garnerthe I" Sin motivational interviewing and an understandIng eir Crents'trust and encourage their growth. TOP 10 KEY CONCEPTS addiction alcoholism codependency harm reduction model mollvallonallnlervlewlng recovery SUbstanceabuse SUbstanceAb Admlnl I use and Menial Heallh Services ..__ s rallon (SAMHSA) su_ ...n-.. - - Substance Use and Addiction DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 1. In the vignette at the beginning of the chapter, Clayton is successful as a substance abuse and addiction counselor but has had less success in keeping his son from misusing substances. How would you explain this discrepancy? 2. Should marijuana be legalized or decriminalized on a 4. What role does social support play in helping people cope with addictive substances? 5. What is your opinion of needle exchange and methadone treatment programs? For you, do the moral issues they raise outweigh their effectiveness? Why or why not? federal level? Why or why not? 6. How can the health beliefs and voices of people using 3. Why is prevention so important in the field of substance abuse treatment? addiction services be better understood and advocated for, regardless of their cultural backgrounds? EXERCISES 1. Locate research articles or resources Ihat examinehow 3. Examinethe community where you live or attend school, social workers are working to understand a particular and assess what substance abuse and addiction programs substance use disorder or addiction, such as alcoholism, exist. What are they called and where are they located? drug use, or food addiction. What seem to be the most effective interventions to date? 2. Peruse the SAMHSA website and reflect on the array of information available there. What part of the website 4. Every now and then, the media run exposes on tz-step programs. Research the social work literature to discover how effective 12-step programs are. 5. Visit the website of singer Eric Clapton's Crossroads would be valuable to ordinary people? What part would be Center Antigua. What do you think about the addiction valuable to substance use disorder professionals? Does services offered there? Evaluate the programs and this entity seem to be a worthwhile expenditureof public outcomes, as well as the way clients are selected. funds? Why or why not? ONLINE RESOURCES • • • National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (www.niaaa.nih.gov): Conducts research and promotes understanding about alcohol use and abuse National Institute on Drug Abuse (www.drugabuse .gov): Conducts research and promotes understanding about drug abuse SocialWorkLicensure.org (www.socialworklicensure .arg fty pes-of -soci al-workersImental-health-suhstance- 'SAGE abuse.hlml): Provides information about mental health and substance abuse social workers • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (www.samhsa.gov):Agencywithin the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that aids programs and efforts to help people with substance abuse or mental illness problems and gives money to programs for research and demonstration projects STUDENT STUDY SITE edge'· Sharpen your skills with SAGE edge at edge.sagepub.com/cox SAGE . I' d oach to help you accomplish your coursework edge for Students provides a persona ze appr goals in an easy-to-use learning environment.
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Substance Abuse Disorder
Substance abuse is the use of drugs and other substances that affect the way the mind
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