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You will examine social science research and write an annotated bibliography in this activity. To do this, you will first identify the main argument and supporting evidence in a resource and develop your writing skills by producing a resource summary in the form of an annotation. Second, you will practice your citation skills by creating a bibliographical reference for your source. 

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When you write a summary for the first time it can be difficult. Use the rubric below to help guide your writing: Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 The summary... reflects the reflects reflects the reflects the topic/research topic/research and topic/research and topic/research and and/or purpose purpose with purpose effectively purpose with a high with limited reasonable and with accuracy. degree of accuracy. accuracy. effectiveness and accuracy captures the main reflects the main reflects the main clearly reflects the idea with limited idea with some idea effectively. main idea with a effectiveness. effectiveness. high degree of effectiveness. describes the describes the describes the describes the methods used methods used methods used methods used with inaccurately or accurately but accurately and a high degree of with limited includes minimal includes some accuracy and relevant details. relevant details. relevant details. includes relevant details. has evidence includes minimal includes some of the provides accurate, based on a evidence or most important specific and relevant misunderstanding includes irrelevant evidence and evidence that of the article facts related to the relevant facts to directly supports the and/or ideas main idea. support the main main idea. expressed. idea. explains resource explains resource explains resource explains resource usefulness with usefulness usefulness usefulness limited somewhat effectively effectively and extremely effectively effectiveness or and accurately. accurately. and accurately. has inaccurate information.
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Social Science Research


Social Science Research

Ferguson, C. J., & Beresin, E. (2017). Social science's curious war with pop culture and how it
was lost: The media violence debate and the risks it holds for social science. Preventive
medicine, 99, 69-76.

This research is a study focusing on the likely or potential influence that media violence
may have on societal violence as well as aggression. This is, in particular, looking at the youth.
With regards to the different studies and research done on the topic, this paper is a review of the
recent studies conducted within this context. It brings into consideration the perspective of
professional organizations regarding violent media and societal violence with a special link
towards studies that accuse these professionals of evidence distortion and failure to offer the
public the nature of inconsistency with this area. Looking at the findings of this review, there
were three sections that were majorly highlighted. First, the study talks about hypodermic needle
models. This section implies that there is a great variation between the theories of media effects
and this acts as a key agent of use towards particular motivational ends. The hypodermic needle
models are a concept that implies that the media is responsible for injecting behaviors into
viewers. Secondly, the section ‘professional guild policy statements offer another point of view
of the findings. Here it is pointed out that individuals must understand that not all researchers
within the area of media violence have made a conclusion that there is a link between societal
violence and media violence. ...

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